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Monday, July 20, 2020

#MakeupMonday Bad Habit - Aura Palette Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

I purchased this on Hush, which I believe has shut down for good. You can still sometimes find Bad Habit on Amazon and I've seen their palettes on Poshmark as well.

I believe this was supposed to be a dupe of the Subculture Palette by ABH. I never intended on buying it from ABH because of how many bad reviews it had, but I did grab it from Hush when they did a massive sale a while back.

I love the unicarton on this, it's such a good soft matte finish. 

The shadows in this applied wonderfully, especially for the price. I paid $9-ish and because I bought quite a few, I didn't pay for shipping. I would have at least paid $20 for this palette because it's just really good. The shimmers are super creamy and the mattes apply wonderfully. The one shade that threw me was the neon green/yellow on the top right, I thought it would be brighter than it swatched.

Overall, I really liked this palette. I have quite a few other Bad Habit palettes to share with y'all so strap in, I'm going to be doing Makeup Mondays for a while.

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