The Howling Boutique's Supermoon Lacquer - Pinwheel Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

  I am an admin for The Howling Boutique's Facebook Group and I also run the Instagram account. Find out more info  here . This is from the Shining Diamond: Teen, Age Edition Collection from 2019. I missed it the first round so this came from the second release. The store is currently closed so join the Facebook Group to see when the next release is going to be! The macros looks more pink than the polish is, I tried to color-correct but I didn't want to do too much editing. Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Main Store | Etsy Store | Instagram Find more Supermoon Lacquer reviews  here ! Pinwheel is  a holographic violet-tinted white base filled with cyan-to-purple chameleon pigment, blue-to-purple and pink-to-green color shifting aurora pigment, purple-to-red color shifting shimmer, copper and silver/white shimmer, purple and red sparks, purple pearl microflakies, iridescent rainbow microglitter, and holographic pink and silver microglitter.

FabFitFun - Winter 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

  Disclosure:  This post contains referral links. This means I will receive a credit if you subscribe using my link. Find out more information  here . What is it?:   FabFitFun  is a quarterly subscription box that includes beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness, all in one box! It's quarterly, so you get four big boxes a year! It's a great way to start each season off right with what's new and fun.  How Much is it?:  It's $49.99/quarter or $179.99/year.     My box showed up late, but I'm not mad. It's still winter and wasn't even very winter-y when it should have arrived.

Pura Vida Jewelry Club - January 2021 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

      What is the Pura Vida Jewelry Club?:  The  Pura Vida Jewelry Club  is a monthly subscription bag that sends two pieces of jewelry valued at $65+. You do enter your ring size so rings will be included as well as necklaces and earrings. If you want bracelets, you need to sign up for the  Bracelet Club ! How Much is the Pura Vida Jewelry Club?:  Monthly it is $19.95 with free US shipping. The price lowers if you sign up for longer terms. Check out past Pura Vida reviews  here Let's just dive into the first Jewelry Club of the year.

Geekish Glitter Lacquer - My Mom and Dad are Gonna be so Mad at Me Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

This is from Day Seven of the Geekish Glitter Lacquer Halloween Advent Calendar of 2020!     Store | Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Instagram My Mom and Dad Are Going to be So Mad at Me! is  a white crelly with red shimmer, red holographic microglitter, and black and holo silver shards.

Notoriously Morbid Mystic Monthly - December 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is Notoriously Morbid Mystic Monthly?:   Mystic Monthly  is a new monthly subscription from  Notoriously Morbid  featuring the legendary Mystic Mattes liquid lipsticks. Each year has a theme (2020 is Mythical and Mystical Creatures) and each month comes with one full-size limited-edition Mystic Matte and one additional full-size lip product. How Much is Mystic Monthly?:  Mystic Monthly is $12 in the US (including shipping) and $18 for those international (also including shipping). Click  here  for more Notoriously Morbid reviews! Store | Facebook Page | Instagram | Facebook Group The final Mythical & Mystical Creatures Mystic Monthly!

Wildflower Lacquer - Soul of a Mermaid Mouth of a Sailor Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

This polish is from the Fintastic Fall Collection, which is no longer available. I didn't get the full collection but I will have some more from this collection to share at a later date!   Website | Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Instagram Soul of a Mermaid Mouth of a Sailor is a  deep plum purple jelly base packed with red to gold to green crystal flakes and scattered holo flakes.

Panduh Minimalist Box - December 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

  What is the  Panduh Minimalist Box ?:   The Panduh Box includes 6 to 8 stationery or planner items each month. You can expect to see pens, sticky notes, washi tape,  notepads, lifestyle items, etc.  How Much is the Panduh Minimalist Box?:  Panduh Minimalist Box is $34.00 + shipping (mine is $6) on the monthly plan and the pricing does go down if you sign up for longer terms. Yep, that's a mask! Welcome to 2020/2021.

Polished for Days - Thunderbolt Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

It's time for another contrasting shimmer polish, my favorite!  Store | Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Instagram | Twitter Thunderbolt is a  purple base with orange-yellow-green shimmer and pink-yellow flakes.


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