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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Glamour Doll Eyes Of the Month - September 2018 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is Glamour Doll Eyes Of the Month?: Glamour Doll Eyes Of the Month is just one of the subscriptions offered by Glamour Doll Eyes. Each month will include one limited edition eye shadow by GDE and 1-2 extras from other indies or GDE (extras can be sample, deluxe, or full-sized). If you're interested, the other subscriptions from GDE include the Basic OTM, the Blush Club, the Glitter Club, and the Surprise Monthly. The GDE store has closed but subscriptions are still available.

How Much is Glamour Doll Eyes' Of the Month?: OTM is $8.00 plus $3.00 shipping for US. I'm not sure what international shipping is, if you know, comment below!

Look at all of the fall colors. This is giving me life

Info card pt. 1.

Info card pt. 2.

Changing Leaves (Eye Shadow) is a beige-y orange with an orange sheen and a gold & copper sparkle finish.
This is one of my new favorite loose shadows. I've been wearing a lot of reds/oranges/yellows over the last year or so and this is perfect to add a firey sparkle to a warm look.

Foliage (Eye Shadow) is a greyish green with a red shift & white sparkles.
This is a pretty basic shadow with a twist. The green isn't overly evident but when it comes out, it really transforms the grey base.

Purple Harvest (Eye Shadow) is a deep purple with a pink overlay and holographic sparkles.
I like this in the outer crease over a dark brown or black shadow. I wanted this shadow to be deeper but it just blends out so much that I have started wearing it over those deeper shades to be what I most wanted.


Overall, this was a really good bag from GDE. I really like the hero shadow and the other two shades are so gorgeous and complementary.

As always, let me know what you thought of this month's bag in the comments!

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