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Friday, January 18, 2019

ecoTools Beauty Box - April 2018 | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is the ecoTools Box?: The ecoTools Box is a monthly purchase (not subscription) with a theme filled with products from both ecoTools and outside brands. There is no specified guaranteed value that I can find but it's always more than the cost of the box.

How Much is the ecoTools Box?: Each box is $50 but if you wait, you can sometimes find boxes still available after the month for a discounted price. There are many boxes currently available that are less than the $50, but I paid $50 for each box.

This was my final box for 2018. While I loved getting the box monthly, I soon became overwhelmed with brushes and decided to stop buying. Most of the boxes are still available online if you want to get them now.

This box even came with a reusable bag! (I love getting these, I try to not use plastic bags because Husband gets mad at my hoarding of them.)

The box was too cute for words.

Info card.

ecoTools Reusable Bag ($2.00?) - I guessed the value based on what I pay for my reusable bags. With my purchase of this box, I actually received another bag as a gift with purchase. I love these for makeup runs because I'm not worried about what I'm buying being too heavy, but I'm saving plastic!

Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Toner ($4.69) - I'm still not quite sure what toner does, but this is a good one I guess. I've heard good things about using Witch Hazel and so I guess this is a good thing. (If you know what toner does, let me know.)

Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle ($13.49) -This is a really good bottle but because it's glass and I'm one of the more clumsy people, I passed this along to someone that is less so. I do like the design of it but I'm not sure how well this would keep water cool during the summer. Still, use reusable bottles. Think of the planet.

ecoTools Frosted Finish Beauty Kit ($19.99) - One of my favorite brush sets out there, if you can find it. The two brushes on the end are wonderful for powders, contour, blush, or bronzer, and I always need more spoolies and brow brushes.

ecoTools Charcoal Konjac Facial Sponge ($5.99) - I've used Konjac sponges in the past but I became less of a fan of them after they started exfoliating too much. I passed this along.

ecoTools Total Perfecting Blender ($5.99) - My all-time favorite beauty sponge. I've bought at least four more of these since finding and trying this one out. It's the best for applying foundation, concealer, and cream products. It blends wonderfully annnnnd, it's only $6.

ecoTools Smoothing Detangler ($10.99) - I never was a brush girl until I actually had brushes. Now, I use them pretty frequently. I don't do much brushing when my hair is wet, like this one is kinda more made for, but this is great to just loosen up my hair when its straight and a little messy and it feels sooo good on my scalp.

This box was valued at an estimated $63.14, a couple of items aren't listed online anymore. Overall, I love it. I found my new holy grail sponge which makes it worth it to me (I was using a beautyBlender before and man, those are expensive). 

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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