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Friday, October 31, 2014

Starlooks Starbox - October 2014

This was my first month getting Starlooks Starbox, and I have to admit I was very disappointed. I was expecting some amazing box after looking at past month's boxes, but instead I got one thing and paid way too much for it (in my opinion).  For those that don't know, Starbox is a subscription box by Starlooks. The box (for me) is $17.68 each month and they have a referral program but it's being worked on, so I don't have any way to refer at the moment.

This month's theme is Back to Nature and is supposed to be about getting to nature with Fall, since it's still here and we need to appreciate it. This box was an utter fail in my opinion and a terrible way to start my subscription off.

My box came in a beautiful present box with a gorgeous bow! I was ridiculously excited at first and thought this was such a great presentation.

Sorry for the crazy flash. I'm not sure what was going on with my camera when I took this, but I didn't bother taking another picture because I was so disappointed. I promise better pictures will be coming soon (new lighting/camera setup!).

I saw this, and it was all over. This is all that was in this box. I was expecting a box full of stuff and felt like this was a copout. I know that there are seven items in the brow kit, but it's still only one brow kit. For people like me that don't do their brows, this is a total waste. I was expecting a great lipstick or a good eyeshadow or something, but not just one thing. This is valued at $31.00, but I wouldn't pay anything for it honestly.

This is the back of the box that explains what is inside. I still haven't opened it so I'm using a stock photo to show what it actually looks like. 

Stock photo. Please realize that if you have super light brows or super dark brows, this set is still almost useless. People buy special brow kits to match their shade perfectly, not a generic set that may or may not match at all.

They were so nice to explain how to do your brows. Now if I can only find someone that uses stuff like this.

As I mentioned before, this was a horrible way to start out a subscription. Never should a box only contain one item, just in case that one item is a fail like this one was. After looking up past boxes, this seems like just a bad box and a low-value one as well. I'm keeping this at least two more months to do a good test and hopefully it will get better. I'm also hoping for some great holiday sets, so maybe my hopes will come true! 

Let me know if you got this and what you thought about it! I'd love to hear someone else's opinions and maybe assurances. Let me know in the comments!

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