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Friday, July 29, 2022

Rocksbox - June #1 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

Disclosure: This post contains referral links. That means if you click one and make a purchase, I will get something in return. Find out more information here!

What is Rocksbox?: Rocksbox is a monthly subscription box where you receive three pieces of jewelry that's (supposed to be) curated for you. You can wear the pieces as much as you want and buy pieces if you love them. You get a $21 monthly credit to offset the price of a piece (or pieces) if you choose to purchase. Send back what you don't want and you'll get another box. You also rate each piece to let your stylist better curate your boxes.

How Much is Rocksbox?: Rocksbox is $21.00 a month shipped.

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Sophie Harper Pave Open Heart Ring Rose Gold ($50/$42) - I did choose this, and I ended up purchasing it, so I'm pleased with this. I thought it would look good with my wedding set, alone, or mixed in somehow. It's a very pretty ring and while I wouldn't say it's worth the $42 I paid for it, I was at the end of my credit and needed to spend or lose so...?

Sophie Harper ring on.

Slate Medium Quinn Hoops Rose Gold ($40/$34) - Another choice item, but one without a photo of the earrings on so I didn't realize how large these would be. They're also open back so I wouldn't ever wear them because of my hair and puppers not playing well with open hoops. I'm also not a large hoop person. I do wish Rocksbox would ensure all products have in-person photos on products before listing them.

Earrings on.

Kendra Scott Goldie Necklace Rose Gold ($95/95) - This definitely wasn't what I swapped in, I would never. Just not my style, even though it's the right shade of gold.

Necklace on.

I didn't get my box scanned in by USPS in time to cancel my Rocksbox subscription so there will be one more review, but I have since canceled the subscription.

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