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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

PupBox - May 2022 (4 Months Box) Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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What is PupBox?: PupBox is a monthly subscription for woman's best friend wherein each box is curated to your dog's age as well as other factors (size, allergies, etc). Boxes include treats, toys, accessories, chews, and training guides (this is more for the younger crowd).

How Much is PupBox?: PupBox starts at $29/month with a long-term subscription, and gets more expensive based on shorter term subscription plans.

If you use my referral link, you'll get 50% off your first subscription.

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Wholesome Pride Sweet Potato Chew Dog Treats ($10.99) - These are a bit big for Bacon, he's just now about to hit 30lbs so for him, I tore these into pieces. Because we do have two other dogs, they're just the right size for them. Bacon will eat just about anything (except blueberries, weird dog), but my other two are more picky and definitely enjoyed these!

PupBox Quack Snacks ($8.99) - Meaty treats are always a hit in this house. I tore these into training treat size for Bacon and in half for the other two, just so they'd last longer. We try to limit the amount of treats they get as a general rule so we almost always tear treats in half.

Gnawsome Squeak & Light Ball (Small) ($5.99) - Bacon was super unsure about this, it's still in one piece as I'm writing this and he's barely played with it. He's never been a soft toy dog, except ropes.

Beco Dog Bone ($12.99) - This was the perfect toy for when Bacon lost all of his back teeth at once and he was down to nubs, he enjoyed gnawing on it. It does pick up every single dog hair in the house, as you can tell by this picture having a hair on it. LOL.

PupBox Fred the Flamingo (Small) ($12.99) - The other two enjoyed this more than Bacon did, he liked the legs but he still hasn't quite figured out squeakers. Bless him.

This box was valued at $51.95, over what I paid for it and still over the cost even if you're paying the highest amount. I really enjoyed this box and the info card also, as it's been years and years since I had a puppy this young and I'm constantly feeling like I'm failing. 


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