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Monday, August 30, 2021

Ipsy Glam Bag - August 2021 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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What is ipsy?: ipsy is a monthly subscription that sends 4-5 beauty/makeup products plus a different makeup bag each month. They also have a referral program where you earn points. 

How Much is ipsy?: ipsy is $12 per month shipped to the United States.

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Ipsy is upping the cost of their bags to $13 in October.

Spoiler alert, there's a first impressions video: YouTube Video

Cute bag, but too small, as always.

Info card.

Item Beauty Lite Sauce Gel Moisturizer ($6.00) - This ended up being just a few uses. It didn't dry me out but wasn't enough moisture for nighttime, so I used it in the mornings.

TheBalm Lid-Quid Sparkling Liquid Eyeshadow (Bellini) ($4.67) - I still do like this and while I didn't wear it all day long, it didn't transfer more than any other eyeshadow would, so I may end up buying a full-size of this (shocker!).

Pixi Beauty Fresh Face Blush (GingerBlossom) (Choice) (Not for Sale) - This will be enough blush to last me a lifetime. I do wish they wouldn't send 'promo' materials in bags because I would love to get other shades of this formula, it's really good!

F.A.R.A.H. Blender Brush 25E Rose Gold Collection ($11.00) - I've used this a few times and while I don't love it for loose pigments, it's great for pressed shadows. I do think it's worth the $11 after washing it and it holding up, which other FARAH brushes haven't all done.

Beauty For Real 24-7 Gel Eyeliner (Peacock) ($16.00) - After tugging a few times on my eye with this pencil, I gave up. It's just not as creamy and pigmented as my ColourPop ones and for the price, I expect more.


This bag was valued at $37.67, super low considering that card even guarantees a $50+ value. I guess they value the blush that you can't buy at $13? While the value wasn't high, this wasn't the worst bag I've had in a while and I'm not entirely mad. See, the value doesn't have to be the greatest if the products are good!

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments below!

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