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Monday, May 17, 2021

Panduh Minimalist Box - April 2021 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

 What is the Panduh Minimalist Box?: The Panduh Box includes 6 to 8 stationery or planner items each month. You can expect to see pens, sticky notes, washi tape,  notepads, lifestyle items, etc. 

How Much is the Panduh Minimalist Box?:
 Panduh Minimalist Box is $34.00 + shipping on the monthly plan and the pricing does go down if you sign up for longer terms.

I just love planner boxes, but I did cancel the subscription. I stopped planning for a while and I decided to take a break to use up some of what I have built up.

Info card.

Round Nude Transparent Sticky Note ($7.50) - This is such a good shade of pink and I love the way these look in my planner!

Espresso Page Flag ($6.00) - These are so good that I need more. I love the shades so much!

Handmade Decor Basket ($10.00) - This is awesome, it's so cute and would be perfe.t for desk accessories or jewelry on a vanity;

Coffee Washi ($4.50) - I'm still not a huge washi user, which you wouldn't know if you looked in my desk. 

White Paper Panduh Pen ($4.75) - This is a really good pen and I'll probably grab up some more if there's extras. Do I need more pens? No. 

Matte Minimal/Circle Checklists Sheet ($3.50/ea) - These are really nice but it's why I've stopped my subscriptions. I just have too many stickers that I haven't used yet.

Matte Script Highlight Sticker ($3.50) - Love these, will try to figure out a use for them.

Transparent Paint & Palms Deco Sticker ($4.50) - I love the way these look but they aren't my planning style, so I'm give them away.

Minimal Magnets ($12.00) - Do I need more magnets? No. Are these my vibe and I must keep them? Absolutely.

This box was valued at $59.75, definitely over the purchase price. I think I'm most excited for the basket, it's already on my desk holding aesthetic paperclips that I don't use (lol).

As always, let me know what you thought of this month's box in the comments below!

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