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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Panduh Minimalist Box - March 2021 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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 What is the Panduh Minimalist Box?: The Panduh Box includes 6 to 8 stationery or planner items each month. You can expect to see pens, sticky notes, washi tape,  notepads, lifestyle items, etc. 

How Much is the Panduh Minimalist Box?: Panduh Minimalist Box is $34.00 + shipping on the monthly plan and the pricing does go down if you sign up for longer terms.

Back with another Panduh Minimalist Box! I always am interested in what's going to be in this box.

It always comes so nicely packaged!

Matte Habit Tracker Sticker Sheet ($3.50) - I don't see a use for this for me, I have printable habit trackers that I don't use already. Thanks for the reminder.

Transparent Self Care Deco Sticker Sheet ($4.50) - I'm not huge into the deco so I'm giving this to my mom, who is!

Intention Journal Cards ($5.00) - I like these to clip in my planner, but there were four in the box so I'm sharing with my mom. She needs intention cards too!

Mini Transparent Tiny Nude Dots ($8.00) - These are all mine. I love dots to notate what needs to be done and this neutral shade is stunning!

Mini Transparent Self Care Word Sets ($8.00) - I love these to add a splash of colors to my planner, so these are a keep!

Grey Zip Pen Pouch ($15.50) - This is super sleek and I love the shade of grey! It's the perfect addition to my bag and I always need more bags for my pens.

Gel Pen ($3.50) - This pen is not my favorite but husband will get use out of it, so I'm fine!

Acrylic Washi Cutter ($10.00) - I never knew such existed until today! I am keeping this for when I do use washi just to see if it helps.

Skinny Stone Washi Tape ($4.50) - I'm determined to use more washi in my planners, so this is a keep.

Arch Journal Card ($4.50) - I love this saying, I'm definitely keeping!

Striped Sticky Note ($2.75) - This is such a vibe and I love that it is basically lined to help keep my writing less messy.

This box was valued at $69.75, well over the cost! I really liked this bag and the hero item was the perfect addition to a planner box.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments below!

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