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Friday, August 28, 2020

Sephora Favorites Hello! Holy-Grail Greats - August 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

We're back with another Hello month with Sephora. The details: it's not a subscription anymore! And you get to see what's in each bag before you buy, so it's like the old Luxe bags/boxes but cheaper! This was $10 but you do have to pay shipping if you don't have Flash ($5.95). You also get a 15% off coupon for any of the full-size items included in the bag.

This bag is supposed to have a $41 value, lets see if the math adds up. It's still available here.

I love when Farmacy products are in my bags.

Valentino Donna Born In Roma Eau de Parfum ($2.40) - This is a little to floral for my liking, but it's fine for when you need something a little different.

Moroccanoil Treatment Light ($6.80) - I use this on the tips of my hair to add some moisture to the driest bits. This particular one is the light version, which is for fine hair, but it still works to add moisture to my not fine hair.

Farmacy Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer with Moringa and Papaya ($6.08) - Ah, one of my favorite brands. The whole Farmacy line works so well, so why am I surprised that I like this? It's a gel moisturizer, my favorite, and it works amazingly. This might be my new go-to moisturizer, and I can get it for 15% off!

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 ($6.80) - This has become my new favorite sunscreen! I bought a sampler back when I thought we were still going to go on vacation this year and I started using it when I realized we weren't. I like how makeup lays on this and it seems to be protecting my skin from the sun!

Smashbox Photo Finish Vitamin Glow Primer ($9.36) - As it's staring to cool off, I'm starting to use glowy primers again. I like how this makes my makeup look and it works for what it's supposed to do.

tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara ($13.14) - One of my favorite mascaras! I love how this makes my lashes look and it wears nicely!

This bag was valued at $44.58, more than they quoted it at. I liked the bag a lot and really like the concept of this bag!

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments below!

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