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Monday, August 17, 2020

#MakeupMonday Makeup Revolution - SophX Palette Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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Oh wow, y'all. This is available on Amazon for less than I paid when I bought it at Ulta! I don't know who SophX is, I bought the palette because I loved the aesthetic of the palette. Inform me in the comments!

I didn't have the super big swatch vinyls that I have now, so I might end up updating this post with new swatches. I tried to get all of the shadows in order L-R, T-B. 

This is such a goals palette. It has so many different looks in it and while I would have laid it out differently, it's so good. The mattes are pretty pigmented and the shimmers are so dreamy and creamy. I really love the magenta in the bottom left corner and the burnt orange diagonal to it!

Overall, this is a super user-friendly palette that has some really good shades. 

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