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Monday, June 8, 2020

#MakeupMonday Aromaleigh Cosmetics - Matte Quad Betrayal Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

Back for another Makeup Monday! I used to get the Aromaleigh Cosmetics subscription when it was a thing and I really miss it. Aromaleigh does these gorgeous wearable shades (read neutrals and less bold) and I still use my shadows from my Ephemera bags!

The Betrayal Quad is still available for purchase.

There are no descriptions of these shadows so I'm working off of what the website shows to describe. You'll see why when I get into the review.

Syn is a soft grey matte.
I'm not sure what happened here, but mine is definitely not a grey. Mine is more of a soft pastel lavender. 

Kalma is a rich purple berry matte.
Again, not sure if the swatches shown on the website were packed on or what happened but mine is not rich and took a lot to build up to this point, much less what the website shows.

Sjofn is a mauve matte.
I wish mine had been more of the mauve that was shown on the website because that would have become my go-to shadow for creases. Instead mine is a soft baby pink.

Elli is a soft lavender matte.
Again, mine isn't what was shown on the website. This is almost my skin tone so this will be perfect for over concealer to lay down a base.

Overall, I'm a bit disappointed with this order. The shadows I received are gorgeous but they aren't really what was shown on the website and I was so looking forward to this quad to be perfect for traveling while still getting to use indie shadows.

As always, let me know what you thought of this review in the comments below!

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