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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Cloth & Paper Penspiration - May 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is Penspiration?: Penspiration is a monthly subscription by Cloth & Paper where you receive 4-6 pens and pencils from brands that Cloth & Paper carries. Pens & pencils vary from gel, rollerball, ballpoint, brush pens, mechanical, wood, and more.

How Much is Penspiration?: Penspiration is $18.00, but you can lower the cost if you sign up for a longer subscription. There is a discount if you sign up for Penspiration and The Planner Stationary Box.

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On to another month of pens. It's just so fun to get new and different pens to try out!

This month's pouch is completely clear, so near impossible for me to take a picture of with a white background.

Theme card.

Retro Color Rollerball Pen (Deep Sea Blue) ($2.41) - This writes smooth and I like the shade of blue, but I don't really use blue in my planner nor do I use a lot of 0.5mm pens. I will be passing this along.

Pocket Fountain Pen (White)/Ink Cartridge (Emerald Green) ($1.12/$0.88) - This was an utter disaster. If you saw my stories on IG, you saw the mess that this created. There were no instructions, no videos linked, and the video I found was more than less than helpful. My hands, arms, and one leg was green along with a ton of papers on my desk. I finally figured it out after breaking it a little but I would have appreciated some assistance from C&P for us newbies. Huge fail for me. It does write, though.

UPDATE: I tried using it today (6/8) and the tip is fully stopped up. RIP pen. 

Magic Color Erasable Pen (Pine Green) ($1.33) - This is a cute pen and I like the idea of it being erasable. It erases nicely but doesn't write smoothly so I won't be keeping this.

Pilot Juice Gel Pen (Coffee Brown) ($1.80) - I do like this and could see myself using it, even though it's 0.5mm. I could see this being nice for writing on flags just based on how it writes.

Pinstripe Gel Pen (Unknown) - My favorite from this bag, and of course I can't find it to buy another. It says it's 0.5mm but it seems to write slightly bigger than that. I also like the emo-ness of it, I'm always going to be an emo kid at heart.

Test of each pen.

This bag was valued at $7.54 plus the unknown, well under the cost of the bag. While I know part of it is curating the bag, a lot of these pens were from Aliexpress and could easily be purchased by the layperson. I'm losing my interest in this subscription rather rapidly but because of shipping delays, I didn't realize that in time to cancel for June so there will be at least one more month of this subscription.

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments below!

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