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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Boxycharm - April 2019 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

This post includes referral links to Boxycharm. If you use my link to sign up, I will get charms in my Boxycharm account. Find out more information here.

What is Boxycharm?: Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box that sends 4-5 full-size beauty products with boxes being valued at $100+. Each month has a theme but it's not followed exactly as much as the spirit of the theme. Shipping has gotten a lot better since my last Boxycharm post, I get my box almost always in the first half of the month (there is a distribution center less than an hour from my house).

How Much is Boxycharm?: Boxycharm is $21/month shipped. Currently, Boxycharm is offered to the US, its territories, and Canada.

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This box did have a pretty consistent theme, which I appreciate.

Theme card.

Info card.

Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder (Summer Haze) ($27.00) - This is a stunning highlight shade, but too dark for me. It's also very glittery and not my thing so I swatched it and passed it along.

Bodyography Eye Pencil (Bali Bronze) ($14.00) - This is a stunning brown eyeliner. It has a nice sheen and a gorgeous rich tone of brown so it's not just a bleh brown eyeliner, but it's a Brown Eyeliner! Do you feel me? Also, the formula is super creamy and doesn't tug on your eye like some eyeliners can.

Appeal Cosmetics Holographic Lip Gloss (Posh) ($21.00) - Uh, no. I like matte lips 90% of the time and the other 10% I'm wearing a basic gloss (think the Alamar glosses). I have been known to throw a Notoriously Morbid shifter on, but that's a rare occasion. 

Pur Cosmetics Festival Pressed Pigment Palette ($36.00) - Oooh, yes. That magenta pink, the shimmers, so stunning. My only complaint is the two glitters on the right side, they're messy and fall out everywhere. I used this palette for a while (forgoing the glitters) but did end up giving it away for room (and I got a new palette with a vibrant magenta pink).

Luxie Beauty The Summer Daze 3PC Brush Set ($28.00) - These are good, solid brushes. The bigger one is nice for tucking contour in the hollows of your cheeks and the other two are nice eye brushes. They aren't brushes I reach for constantly, but I have kept them for the rare use.

Swatches L-R: Pur Cosmetics, Appeal Cosmetics, Bodyography, Artist Couture.

This box was valued at $126.00, which is pretty good for the cost. I liked some of the box but it wasn't my favorite. 

As always, let me know what you thought of this month's box in the comments below!

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