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Friday, December 27, 2019

Monthly Dapper Club - January 2019 | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

I received this bag in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. Find out more information here.

What is the Monthly Dapper Club?: The Monthly Dapper Club (a subscription by Harrison Blake) is a monthly subscription geared towards men. Each month includes a necktie and four accessories. The accessories will be coordinated and easy to style. 

How Much is Monthly Dapper Club?: The Monthly Dapper Club is $25 shipped to the USA and Canada, $40 shipped internationally. Costs go down for longer-term subscriptions. Use SEASON for $15 off your first month.

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Another month of random accessories.

Theme card.

Info card. 

Hillside Plaid Necktie ($30) - This is such a good tie. It's basic but not too basic, and the shades match so many shirt/suit combos, what you want from a tie. 

Wooden Lapel Pin ($15) - LOL no. Not husband's style at all.

Aqua & Wood Bracelet ($12) - See above.

Red Streak Nato Strap ($12) - Husband wears a smart watch and can't use this type of watch band. Pass.

Pheasant Paisley Pocket Square ($20) - Husband kept this but I don't think I've seen him wear it yet. The colors are good and match the tie enough to go together, but it is basic enough to match quite a few looks.

This bag was valued at $89. The main parts were good but the extras were just a little too out there for husband's style.

As always, let me know what you thought of this month's bag in the comments!

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