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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

FabFitFun - Fall 2018 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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What is it?: FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that includes beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness, all in one box! It's quarterly, so you get four big boxes a year! It's a great way to start each season off right with what's new and fun. 

How Much is it?: It's $49.99/quarter or $179.99/year. If you use code 'ramblings,' you can get $10 off your box! 

I've marked items if everyone received it, everyone could choose, or annual only choice.

That's a lot of stuff for one box.

Vince Camuto Luck Tote Bag (Choice/Everyone) ($128.00) - Right after I received this box, I took a job where I needed to transport a work laptop back and forth and this made me feel like the fanciest work woman out there, until I started transporting my blog laptop back and forth as well and while both fit, I worried it was too heavy for the bag. I used this again when I hurt my shoulder recently until I could get a bigger bag for my work stuff and it worked perfectly again. I definitely am keeping this!

Grown Alchemist Polishing Facial Exfoliant (Choice/Annual) ($67.00) - This was a pretty good exfoliant but not my favorite, so I passed it along to my mom who has even more sensitive skin than I do and was able to use it.

Skin & Co Blue In Capri Shower Gel ($22.00) - Such an expensive, fancy, stinky body wash. I used it but I wasn't happy about it.

Catherine Malandrino Umbrella ($39.99) - Holy yikes, I'd never pay $40 for an umbrella. Still, I do use this and keep it in my car for when it randomly starts raining. It's a good umbrella, keeps the rain off and has a good pattern.

Alfred French Press Coffee Maker (Choice/Everyone) ($22.00) - I had the choice between this and a tea pot and back when I made the choice, I was exclusively drinking coffee. Given the opportunity now, I would have chosen the tea pot because french press coffee takes too long. I know it's supposed to be better but I'm in need for coffee fast. I do still have this for when I want a nicer cuppa and also have a grinder and keep beans for this (and my cold brew, for after I drink my hot coffee and take my cold coffee to work).

Simply Whimsical Tea Towels (Everyone) ($14.99) - I wasn't super thrilled about getting this at first, but these make my downstairs bathrooms look so much fancier. I keep one in each bathroom as my hand towel and they seem to work as such.

Luna Rica Cashew Butter Fruit & Nut Bar (Salted Caramel Nut) (Everyone) (Bonus Item) - Didn't like. Instant pass.

GLAMGLOW Bubble Sheet (Everyone) ($18.00) - I tried one and didn't like how it made my face feel, so I passed along the other. It's more to do with my issue with texture/sensation than the mask's fault.

Touch in Sol Metallist Liquid Foil Lipstick Duo (Penny) (Choice/Annual) ($24.99) - I really just didn't like the texture of this on my arm when I swatched, so I didn't try it on my lips so I could pass it along.

BeautyBlender (Everyone) ($20.00) - Duh. It's a BeautyBlender, in a box. Instant way to make me happy.

Swatch of Touch in Sol.

This box was valued at $356.97, definitely a good value for the price. I found a lot of items I was really interested in but I'm slowly losing interest in FabFitFun because it seems like some quarters are just busts while others are amazing.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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