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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Vibrant Vinyls - Fast & Hard + Strip Me Softly Review | April 2018 Polish Pickup

Time for the third and final Polish Pickup post from me this month! This time, it's for some nail extras! Vibrant Vinyls (a brand that I have bought vinyls from but I rarely use them...because I suck at nail art) as well as top coats, base coats, stamping plates, and more. Her brand icon is also a unicorn, so there's nothing wrong with that at all. Fast & Hard, the glossy top coat, is going to be $6.99 and there will be 200 bottles. The Strip Me Softly Duo, acetone additives, is also $6.99 with 200 duos available. 

Polish Pickup is a monthly polish shopping extravaganza! Each month, there's a new theme (voted on by group members) and makers individually decide if they want to participate and create their own polish to meet the theme. This month, the store is open from 4/6-4/9, and you can buy as many or as few polishes as you want. The shipping is $3.00 total, no matter how many polishes you get, and they combine shipping if you make more than one order during the weekend! 

Polish Pickup's info:

Vibrant Vinyl's info:

I want to preface this review by saying I have an extra strong sniffer lately, thanks to allergy medicine making me be able to smell the pasta currently being made in Italy. That being said, the top coat does have a bit of a strong smell (similar to New Skin) when you first open the bottle. Once that immediate rush of smell dissipates, the top coat smells amazing. (NOTE: I had someone else smell the bottle when it was first opened and they didn't smell anything so unless you're on crazy allergy medicine as well, you might not smell it.)
There's not that strong smell with the acetone additive!

Strip Me Softly comes in Galactic Unicorn and Comet Me Bro for this month's PPU!

Galactic Unicorn is a fun, playful blend of bubblegum, fluffy cotton candy, juicy apples, & pears swirled together with sugared candy lemon drops and rounded out with a hint of Madagascar vanilla.
Comet Me Bro is what I imagine a really attractive male astronaut might smell like. This fragrance blends fresh greens, warm wind, fresh air, pepper, musk, and oakmoss rounded out with mahogany and water.

These bottles are 7.5mL each, which is 1/4 ounce. I use 1/2 oz of acetone additive with 8 oz of acetone so you might try that ratio to see if it works for you. I've only used one so far but I found the additive to add that moisture I desperately need without causing the acetone to not be effective.

Fast & Hard comes in Galactic Unicorn.

Galactic Unicorn is a fun, playful blend of bubblegum, fluffy cotton candy, juicy apples, & pears swirled together with sugared candy lemon drops and rounded out with a hint of Madagascar vanilla.

Like I mentioned before, I can smell a stronger smell right when opening the bottle. Once the top coat is applied and has dried, you'll want to smell your nails all day long. I was even able to smell the top coat with a matte top coat! This top coat is quick dry (like really quick dry) and super shiny, to the point where it caused pictures to not want to focus!

Fast & Hard over Monsters in a Turbulent Star.

Fast & Hard over I Am Starstuff.

This duo plus the top coat is the perfect addition to a nail lover's collection but it's also great for a starter pack! The additive works amazingly to keep your cuticles from getting that gross dryness and the shine with the top coat is out of this world (heh).

As always, let me know what you thought of these products in the comments!

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