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Monday, April 16, 2018

Rocksbox Review | Blog My Backlog + Free Box Code

What is Rocksbox?: Rocksbox is a monthly subscription box where you receive three pieces of jewelry that's (supposed to be) curated for you. You can wear the pieces as much as you want and buy pieces if you love them. You get a $21 monthly credit to offset the price of a piece (or pieces) if you choose to purchase. Send back what you don't want and you'll get another box. You also rate each piece to let your stylist better curate your boxes.

How Much is Rocksbox?: Rocksbox is $21.00 a month shipped but is currently only available in the US and the terrorities.

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The box comes in an envelope that is resealable so you can send back any pieces you don't want. Also, the box is adorable.

Why yes, I am beautiful. :D

Info card.

Info card.

Each piece comes in its own jewelry bag that you get to keep if you purchase the item. It's a great way to store your pieces if you're like me and don't have a nice jewelry case.

Rudiment Salito Bracelet in Rose Gold ($65.00 retail/$55.00 member) (Love) - I actually kept this piece. My first box came in right before Valentine's Day so when I mentioned how much I loved it to husband, he told me to keep it as part of Valentine's Day. Excellent timing and the perfect piece. Instead of a clasp, it has a piece at the end that allows you to tighten the bracelet to fit your wrist without needing another person (good for me because I suck at putting bracelets on).

Isn't it so beautiful?

Aster Viola Choker Pack ($65.00 retail/$55.00 member) (Dislike) - I haven't quite dived into the choker life but I thought this would be the perfect way to start. Unfortunately, I just don't like the look of these pieces. I don't do a lot of yellow gold so that was already a mark in the bad column and then the style just screams bad 90's jewelry. 

Disregard the redness. I'm super pale and so just brushing up against me with the pad of your finger causes redness that takes a while to dissipate. Not allergic! :)

Sophie Harper Evil Eye and Eyelash Stud Set ($45.00 retail/$38.00 member) (Like) - This was a granted wish that I thought I'd love, but ended up only liking. The pieces were much smaller than I had thought they would be and just not what I had hoped. They are super adorable if you have two piercings in a lobe, like I do, as seen below.

Like with the necklace, my ears get super red after I put earrings in. Also being displayed, the scar from one of my cartilage piercings.  These don't go away easily, kids, remember that before you pierce. ;) (Note, I don't regret the piercings. I removed them because they grew up after I had surgery and my plastic studs fell out when I wasn't paying attention.)

Rocksbox boxes don't have value based on the products included but in the purchasing of a product. On top of my $21 credit, I had a $10 credit for completing my wish list so I paid $24 for the bracelet I kept. I never would have found or purchased this piece if I hadn't seen it in a Rocksbox!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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