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Friday, April 6, 2018

Beautycon Box - Summer 2017 | Blog My Backlog

BeautyCon canceled their subscription prior to the Fall 2017 box. While the box is no longer around, I thought it was still good to review the box as it was packed full of products worthy of a review.

What is BeautyCon Box?: Beautycon Box is a quarterly (March, June, September, and December) box with a guarantee of $100 of beauty, fashion, and skin care items. Each box is curated by someone (Influencer, Beauty Guru, etc). Boxes can also include exclusive items designed specifically for BeautyCon subscribers!

How much is BeautyCon Box?: Beautycon Box is $29/quarter plus shipping. It is currently only available in the US but they are working on making it an international box so keep your eyes peeled for that!

This was the final Beautycon box. I was actually really sad that I only received three total boxes before they stopped. The box included so many different brands and products to try, and I just loved how it was setup for you to try out unboxings. One day I might try doing videos, but then you'll see just how awkward I am.

Loved the box!

Info card.

Dirty Little Secrets Cosmetics Gold Plated Eye Shadow Crayon (Illusion) ($14.00) - I really like these crayons because they're an easy way to add a base to a look or to just add a wash of color. This particular one is somewhere between a rose gold and a copper color, which means it's less harsh for me. It isn't transfer-proof, however, so it does lose some points for that.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Flutter Mascara ($29.00) - I don't have a picture of the wand, I hate opening mascaras when I'm not going to use them anytime soon. This does give a bit of a curl but it's nothing spectacular, especially for the cost. 

Jontéblu Eyeliner Pencil (Electric Blue) ($5.00) - Oh yes, I'm all for a fun eyeliner. Black eyeliner is everywhere but what you need is this bright blue in your life. It's creamy and stays on without transferring around the eye.

Deco Miami Lemon Blossom Cuticle Oil ($8.00) - Couldn't get the bottle open, at all. Husband wasn't in the country when this came in so I wasn't able to use this or try it at all. Pretty box/bottle but absolutely useless when you can't use the product.

Deco Miami Crystal Nail File ($8.50) - I usually use files from Vibrant Vinyls or Jior Couture, but I'll always take a new glass file to add to my collection. This isn't the most coarse file I've used so it didn't last as long as I would have hoped.

ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick (London Fog) ($6.50) - I love how powerful this fuchsia is, the perfect pop of color. The satin formula is the perfect mix of comfort and staying power, without staining or drying your lips.

Doucce Lush Lip Gloss (Glistening Petals) ($22.00) - On the other end of the spectrum, a super-shine gloss. It's a bit on the sticky side but not to the point of not wanting to wear it. I really like the shade of pink as well.

Feel Beauty Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Mask ($17.50) - Mask time! These sheet masks are for brightening your skin. I'm not sure what would brighten my face besides washing away the dead skin cells, but I guess it's a thing that I just don't understand? 

Freeman Beauty Renewing Cucumber Peel-Off Mask ($1.00) - Going from expensive masks to the one that's been in drugstores for at least a decade. I remember buying these and thinking I was so cool and adult and that I had skin issues when I was ten. Ha. I do appreciate a good peel-off mask, though!

MakeupDrop x Beautycon The Original Silicone Makeup Applicator ($20.00) - Oh lord, we're back around with the silicone makeup applicator trend. These seem like such a good idea but they don't have the bounce that sponge applicators do. 

Swatches L-R: Dirty Little Secret, Jontéblue, Doucce, ColourPop.

This box was valued at $131.50. Overall, I liked this box, but it wasn't the best box that I've ever received. The value was definitely there but it seemed to be thrown together rather than how the other two boxes were curated well.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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