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Monday, March 12, 2018

Skyline Soapworks Soap of the Month - June 2017 | Blog My Backlog

What is Soap of the Month?: Soap of the Month is a monthly bag from Skyline Soapworks that includes an exclusive scent in a full-size soap as well as an extra soap sample. Each full-size soap scent will be new to the store, released in this monthly bag before it's available in the store.

How Much is Soap of the Month?: Soap of the Month is available in up-front purchases only with three-month, six-month, and one-year options. Three months is $28.95 ($9.65/month), six months is $55.95 ($9.33/month), and one year is $110.95 ($9.24/month). These prices include domestic shipping.

I have a thing with soaps. It's like facemasks, I buy way more than necessary and then hope to use it up but never fully succeed. If you come stay at my house, though, you have a spa experience.

Info card.

50 Shades is a seductive marriage of tainted rose and wild geranium with addictive, 'can't like without it' notes of bergamot and gold amber.

Basically, this is a musky soap that actually smells good rather than like man-sweat. Also, I love the imprint. It's a nice way to remember (albeit for a short time) where you bought this soap from. There's a nice lather, nothing too extra, and is actually quite moisturizing, even after a few hours.

My sample was of Ginger Lime, which was a very refreshing scent that I didn't hate (even though I hate ginger) and thought was a nice and citrus-y!

Overall, I loved this bag. I subscribed to the three-month so I paid $9.65 for this bag. Each soap goes for $7.50 before shipping so I definitely see the value there when you include the shipping cost. This is definitely for people who are more open to trying new scents rather than if you're allergic or particular.

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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