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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Literary Lacquers - As You Wish Trio Review

It's my birfday, so my present to you is actually getting this post reviewing Literary Lacquers' As You Wish Trio up! (Being sick and waiting for my doctor's appointment is no fun.) The As You Wish Trio is inspired by The Princess Bride, one of my mom's and husband's favorite movies, and is perfect for Valentine's Day!

The As You Wish Trio releases tomorrow, February 2nd, at Noon MST. Individual polishes are $10 with the trio being $27 (while supplies last). One polish (Mawage) is a limited edition polish that's available for the month of February!

Now, on to the polishes. Make sure to check out the individual reviews!

All of the pink for February! 

Mawage (over a black base) is a glitter topper with heart-shaped glitters.

Princess Buttercup is a white matte with pink glitter and shimmer.

The Man in Black is a black matte with pink glitter and shimmer.

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