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Monday, December 4, 2017

Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box - Spring 2017

As of the Winter 2017 box, Fortune Cookie Soap has canceled the Soap Box. They still have the 'of the Month' box (find reviews here)

What is Fortune Cookie Soap's The Soap Box?: The Soap Box is a quarterly subscription box by Fortune Cookie Soap that features eight exclusive FCS mini items from a new collection prior to the launch of the new collection. Each box also comes with a $10 FCS gift code that you can use in the store.

How Much is Fortune Cookie Soap's The Soap Box?: The Soap Box is $19.99 for US customers, $24.99 for Canadian customers, and $29.99 for International customers. The price includes shipping!

Prices listed are for the full-size products.

Look at the gorgeous Beauty and the Beast-esque goodies!

Theme card.

Info card.

Fortune Cookie Soap (Enchanted Rose) ($4.25) - Isn't this so cute? It's not the most practical soap but it's adorable next to the sink! This scent is delicate vanilla with top notes of rose and violets, which I really enjoy!

OCD Hand Sanitizer (Magic Mirror) ($2.89) - I like the scent, it's fruity and fresh, but I am not a fan of the glitters in OCDs. They end up sticking to your skin and leaving glitter flaking everywhere (including all over your dinner, personal experience). 

Detangler (Tame the Beast) ($10.99) - I love the scent of this, it's patchouli, cherries, and sandalwood. I don't really have a use for detanglers (I don't really get tangled hair) but I love spritzing a bit in my hair just for the scent.

Perfume Oil (There's Something Sweet) ($7.99) - For some reason, this perfume wasn't my thing. It's a little too floral and a little too 'springtime fresh' for my liking. I'm also dangerous with perfume oils...they end up on my clothes.

Lip Tint (Beauty) ($4.49) - I really like this shade. It's not too much, not too little. The formula is really good, moisturizing and smooth, and it wears well. It's a nice pinky berry that I wish were in stock for the full size.

Whipped Cream (Bonjour) ($12.99) - Tea leaves and lemon, I love it! I love the whipped cream formula, it's very moisturizing and soaks in nicely. It is ever so slightly on the greasy side but it doesn't feel greasy in a bad way. I have a nice little collection of whipped creams that are waiting to be used!

Candle (Lumiere) ($7.99) - This is so cute! It's a tiny little candle and it smells amazing. I wish it weren't in the plastic container because I tend to melt candle/wax on a warmer rather than have an open flame. 

Toner Tablet (Happily Ever After) ($5.99) - I'm reminded of something I did at Girl Scout camp where we used hot water and herbs and a sheet and steamed our faces. This was a pass, I didn't really enjoy sticking my face in steaming water and didn't care to relive it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this box. The soap was adorable and the items in the box were perfect. I liked just about everything in it and I think everything fits the theme very well.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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