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Friday, December 8, 2017

Fortune Cookie Soap Of the Month - April 2017 (Shower Box)

What is Fortune Cookie Soap's FCS of the Month Box?: Fortune Cookie Soap of the Month is Fortune Cookie Soap's monthly box to get your monthly fix of FCS products. It launched at the beginning of the year and has had some amazing themes so far. Each month's box has a different theme (hair, body, face, feet, etc.) and will have a mix of past, present, and new scents/products along with at least one brand new product. You can skip any months you want to so it's the perfect subscription if you want specific items or only want a few boxes a year.

How Much is Fortune Cookie Soap's FCS of the Month Box?: FCS of the Month is $28.00 plus shipping ($6.95 for the US). Use code 'Firstfcsbox' to save $6.95 off of your first box.

April box, Shower theme, hehe. Good planning, Fortune Cookie Soap. :D

Info book.

Body Wash Infused Sponge (Pool Party) ($12.99) - I really wanted to love this. I kept it sealed because I wanted to take it with me to use in Europe because I figured it would be easier than bringing a poof and body wash. Unfortunately, once I took it with me and made it a few days there, it had dried and gotten goopy (for lack of a better term) in the shower and I had to throw it out. It smelled amazing but it isn't a long-term solution.

Shower Jelly (Don't Drink Me) ($9.99) - If nothing else, this is fun to play with. On top of that, you don't have to use a lot of product in your shower. It smells nice but I have so many bath products that I did give this away, as I am already at the point where I will never use all that I have.

Shave Oil (Honey Dew Me) ($10.99) - I like the idea of a shave oil but honestly, I never remember to use a product when I shave my legs. I'm the type to just grab the razor and forget that I have anything in the shower that I'm supposed to use. Pass!

Deep Conditioner (Bravery) ($12.99) - Their deep conditioner formula is one of the best I've ever used. Even with how thick my hair is and the current length (past collarbone), I still only need a fingertip's worth to condition my hair. I really love putting this on my hair and then covering it with a shower cap and allowing my hair to suck up the conditioner while I'm showering. 

Solid Sugar Scrub (Tink) ($10.99) - This is a cool idea, although it's a little more malleable than I would have expected, but not one that I have a use for. This is another one of those products that I never could remember to use. It smells really nice, though, and I passed it to someone that could use it.

Steamer (Poisonous Fog) ($5.99) - This was just weird. I don't usually enjoy aromatherapy in the shower unless it's meant to clear my sinuses. The scent on this was just a little too strong for my liking and I passed it along.

Shower Oil (Eat Me) ($10.99) - This is a really great product for dry skin but I actually use a different in-shower moisturizer from Fortune Cookie Soap, so I passed this along to someone else. The scent was a little too sweet for my liking and I prefer the method of the other item rather than this one.

The box was valued at $74.93, well over the cost of the box. There weren't a lot of products that I fell in love with, which did sadden me a fair bit. I like the theme and I know they all met the theme, so I'm not mad at the box at all. It just shows how picky I am.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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