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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Howling Boutique's Supermoon Lacquer - Sailor Guardians Collection Review

Hey, y'all! If you're an American, Happy Thanksgiving Eve! If not, happy Wednesday! Today, I'm sharing a collection that goes up for regular release on Black Friday, meaning less than two days! There is also a list of returning polishes that are retiring after this sale and one of my favorite things returning, the Betas!

This post is the 'home post' for the entire Sailor Guardians Collection. Each polish will have its own details post (or you could go ahead and add all of them to the list because you'll want them, but please click my links and read the posts because you love me).

Now, to the collection! Details are: sale starts 11/24 at 12:00 AM CST, ends 11/27 at 11:59PM CST. Previous collections will be discounted at 30% off and jewelry will be on sale as well! The full collection will be $89 (discounted from $99) and individual polishes from this collection will be discounted as well.

Look at all the color!!

Aqua Rhapsody is a deep blue holographic filled with blue and silver/white shimmer, blue and white flakies, holographic flakies, and iridescent teal-blue, holographic and metallic blue, and holographic silver microglitters. ($10 Sale/$11 Regular)

Dead Scream is a blackened red-violet holographic duochrome filled with magenta/violet/copper chameleon pigment, red-to-copper and magenta-to-gold color shifting shimmer, red, purple, and green shimmer, iridescent red-to-green microglitter, and black and silver holographic microglitters. ($10 Sale/$11 Regular)

Flame Sniper is a dark red holographic with copper and red sparks, red-to-copper and purple-to-red color shifting shimmer, iridescent purple flakies, and copper, red, and violet holographic microglitter. ($10 Sale/$11 Regular)

Love & Beauty Shock is a bright orange scattered holographic filled with copper, gold, and red shimmer, and copper, gold, and red holographic microglitters. ($10 Sale/$11 Regular)

Oak Evolution is a bright green scattered holographic filled with reddish-pink and green sparks, green-to-pink color shifting shimmer, and silver, pink, and rose gold holographic microglitter. ($10 Sale/$11 Regular)

Rainbow Moon Heartache is a dark gray holographic multichrome with blue/purple/red chameleon pigment, blue-to-red and blue-to-violet color shifting shimmer, gold and silver/white sparks, gold and silver holographic microglitters, iridescent rainbow microglitter, and holographic and rainbow pearl flakies. ($10 Sale/$11 Regular)

Silence Glaive Surprise is a dark blue-violet holographic duochrome with copper, purple, and red shimmer, red-to-gold and purple-to-red color shifting shimmer, blue/purple/red chameleon pigment, and silver holographic microglitter. ($10 Sale/$11 Regular)

Space Sword Blaster is a blackened navy blue holographic filled with blue/purple/copper chameleon pigment, gold and blue shimmer, gold and blue flakies, iridescent blue/purple microglitter, and sapphire, silver, and gold holographic microglitters. ($10 Sale/$11 Regular)

Submarine Reflection is a teal holographic duochrome with green/blue/gold chameleon pigment, green-to-blue color shifting shimmer, blue, green, and turquoise shimmer, turquoise flakies, iridescent teal/blue microglitter, and turquoise metallic and holographic microglitters. ($10 Sale/$11 Regular)

Twinkle Yell is a bright pink holographic filled with red and silver/white sparks, red-to-gold color shifting shimmer, neon pink flakies, and iridescent, metallic, and holographic pink and magenta microglitter.  ($10 Sale/$11 Regular)

As always, let me know what you thought of this review in the comments! Tell me which Guardian is your favorite and if it matches up with your favorite polish!

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