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Monday, November 20, 2017

TacPack - February 2017

What is TacPack?: TacPack is a monthly subscription box full of gun gear for shooters and gun fanatics. Each month may include AR15 accessories, knives, EDC tools, targets, patches, shirts, cleaning materials, and stickers. Each box will include 3-7 pieces each month. You tell them your shirt size and glove size, so there's a slight hint at what might be in boxes!

How Much is TacPack?: The subscription is currently $49.95. You can also purchase past boxes when they are available and even items from the past boxes or specialty boxes.

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Sadly, this ended up being the beginning of the end for us and TacPack.

Info card.

Bull Moose Tactical Muzzle Brake ($59.99/$57.59 Sale) - This muzzle brake is advertised to eliminate recoil and reduce muzzle rise. I highly doubt this can do the first, there's no real way to eliminate recoil, the best you can hope for is significantly reducing it. A muzzle brake alone cannot do this at all. It can reduce the muzzle rise, however, which is a much truer advertisement (doing so makes it easier to continuously fire without losing aim). All in all, husband would not pay $60 for this (it doesn't have a way to direct mount a suppressor, which is the only way he'd pay that much for this type of product). 

LiveFire Gear 550 Firecord ($12.99) - At first I was irritated because I thought this was just 25 feet of paracord, but then I realized it was 'firecord' and that the price wasn't as bad. This is very much a product that's just for a survival bag, worst case scenario type thing. Regular paracord has a ton of uses, we actually have a massive spool of it in our basement for the most random times. This is something cool to add to your go-bag but not for EDC.

Tricorne Paracord Spool Tool ($23.00) - This is again, something that's useful if you go camping or are a survivalist. Husband, however, says it's a no for him. The uses are really quite obvious, cutting, storing, fusing your paracord, all in one place. Another addition to a go-bag, not EDC.

North Shore Kustoms Equalizer ($55.00) - I think this is for hitting somebody. Let me tell you, I can get a lot of things that I can use to hit somebody with for $55, and still have money left over. I get it's something cool and different but I believe it's supremely overpriced. I must be the only one, however, because it's definitely sold out.

TacPack Patch (Priceless) - 

As I said in the beginning, this was the beginning of the end for TacPack for us. They seem to have lost sight of their initial goal and instead fill boxes with whatever they can to pad the value. The box was valued at $150.98, but two of the items weren't EDC and one of the actual EDC items was an attack item (btw, that item is very close to violating the ordinance on brass knuckles in Georgia if it's concealed and makes me a bit uncomfortable).

As always, let me know what you think of this box in the comments.

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