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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sweets Gift Box - March 2017

What is Sweets Gift Box?: Sweets Gift Box is a monthly subscription box by The Gift Box (the company that brings us Pet Gift Box and a slew of other boxes) that promises the ultimate sweet tooth experience to satisfy your every craving.

How Much is Sweets Gift Box?: Sweets Gift Box is $30 if you buy a one-off box or $25 if you subscribe. The price is lower if you do a long-term subscription. Currently, the box is available to the US only.

A Taste of Outer Space, such an awesome theme!

Info card.

Two Moon Shortbread (Lemon Sugar) ($2.08) - These were really quite good, but a little breakable. I think that no matter how good they were, they are still really weird. I don't do flavored shortbreads, I'm used to just the basic taste and to have lemon tartness (which I REALLY love, no seriously, send me lemon flavored or scented things and I'll love you forever) pop in made it a little strange. I also don't like that to get this, you have to get all of their other flavors as well - not cool.

Mayana Chocolate (Space Bar) ($8.00) - Holy eight dollars for a chocolate bar. I've received one of these in the past and it ended up being pretty good, so I was excited about this...until I saw that it has almonds in it and I immediately passed on it. I'm not interested in eating stuff with almonds in it, bleh.

Vintage Confections (Cotton Candy Lollipop) ($3.17) - If I thought $8 for a candy bar was a lot, I definitely think over $3 for a lollipop is a lot, especially one so small. I do like cotton candy flavored things so this was nice, but I wouldn't pay for another one. The design is adorable and they make a ton of different designs for whatever reason you might want as well!

Sweets Gift Box (UFO Crunch) (Unknown) - No, just no. I don't eat popcorn that isn't plain (unless it has the dark chocolate drizzle) and this is coated in caramel or toffee or something. It's also not all popcorn, so it was a huge miss. Also, you can't just say something is 'UFO' and it actually be UFO. 

Vintage Confections (Outer Space Marshmallows) ($5.00) - I have a huge love for marshmallows, of all sizes, kinds, etc. These had a little bit of a weird taste (not artisanal, weird, just a little off). I did finish eating it but I wouldn't buy again. 

This box was valued at $18.25, not even close to the cost of this box. This box also fell flat in meeting my expectations, but the theme was adorable and I had really hoped it was going to be a killer box. The items included were okay but they weren't spectacular, so I don't have a favorite to mention. 

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments! 

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