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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Literary Lacquers - Faulkner Duo Review

Hey, y'all. The next few weeks are crunch time and things are going crazy over here so to keep myself sane, I'm throwing myself into my blog entirely. I can't speak about what's going on yet but as soon as I can, I'll share this good news! 

Today I have one of the recent releases from Literary Lacquers to share with y'all. The duo is available now and it's based on A Rose for Emily by Faulkner.

First up is the Faulkner Duo.

First up is A Rose for Emily.

A Rose for Emily is a dusty rose creme.

Macro bottle shot.

Glossy nail macro.

Looking for a perfect pink creme? This is it. A Rose for Emily is super smooth, applies like a dream, and is such a gorgeous soft pink.

Just look at the pretty, pretty pink! I love it glossy.

Matte nail macro.

I'm not as much of a fan of it matte. I feel like it needs the glossy shine to make it truly gorgeous.

Formula: Very good.
Coats for Opacity: Two coats.
Ease of Dry: Quick.
Texture: None noted.
Finish: Shine.

Next up is The Best You Have.

The Best You Have is a clear holo sparkle and medium hex glitter in matte grey, holo black, holo orange, and metallic navy topper.

Bottle macro.

Glossy nail macro.

Let's start by saying that blue and orange shouldn't be together (and that's my Southern, football-loving self coming out). I initially didn't use a base but found that the polish couldn't be full coverage without it getting clunky and thick. 

I applied it just with the brush but you could also place each glitter piece with tweezers for a more directed application.

Matte nail macro.

The small holo pigment seems to show more under matte, but I still like it glossy more.

Formula: Good, topper, a bit chunky.
Coats for Opacity: Two coats.
Ease of Dry: Quick.
Texture: Textured, didn't smooth under one coat of top coat.
Finish: Shine.

As always, let me know what you thought of these polishes in the comments!

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