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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fortune Cookie Soap of the Month - February 2017 (Body Box) + Coupon Code!

What is Fortune Cookie Soap's FCS of the Month Box?: Fortune Cookie Soap of the Month is Fortune Cookie Soap's monthly box to get your monthly fix of FCS products. It launched at the beginning of the year and has had some amazing themes so far. Each month's box has a different theme (hair, body, face, feet, etc.) and will have a mix of past, present, and new scents/products along with at least one brand new product. You can skip any months you want to so it's the perfect subscription if you want specific items or only want a few boxes a year.

How Much is Fortune Cookie Soap's FCS of the Month Box?: FCS of the Month is $28.00 plus shipping ($6.95 for the US). Use code 'Firstfcsbox' to save $6.95 off of your first box.

February, the Body Box.

Info handbook. I really love how each item is described and it tells you how to best use your products.

Hyrdate Me (Second Star to the Right) ($10.99) - Hydrate Me is a body conditioner that you use right after your shower. It's not meant to be rinsed off as it moisturizes you throughout the day. I really like the scent of it and it's really effective at moisturizing (especially your knees/elbows/other rough skin places). 

Perfume Oil (Afternoon Delight) ($7.99) - The description says 'think watermelon gum - with a delicious twist.' That's pretty accurate although the apricot in it does make me like it a little less than if it were just watermelon scented. If you're clumsy like me, be careful using oils - you'll stain your clothes!

Body Wash (Rum Butter) ($10.99) - I love the formula of their body washes, they lather well and don't leave a residue, so I was really hoping to love this scent. I'm not a fan of toffee, so sadly I gave this one away. 

Veggie Protein Deodorant (Wendy Bird) ($12.99) - Not only do I love this deodorant, I loved it so much that I bought a different scent to take with me when I went to Europe. It is very much a deodorant so it might have to be reapplied throughout the day, which is something I don't mind.

Whipped Soap (Lion's Breath) ($12.99) - I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I saw 'Whipped Soap' on the container. It turns out that it's literally whipped and is so cool to put your finger in and play with. It also smells really good, fruity and crisp, and is really quite good at washing your body.

Whipped Cream (Mother of Dragons) ($12.99) - If you haven't tried out the Whipped Creams yet, you're surely missing out. They are super moisturizing, make your skin so soft, and they smell so(ooooo) good. This scent is a vanilla and almond-y goodness scent!

Body Frosting (Bloom Bloom Room) ($12.99) - Please, do yourself a favor and click the link I listed for this one and see how precious Body Frosting is. This is another skin moisturizing product but it's a bit greasier than the Whipped Creams. I ended up not liking this scent (a little too floral for me) so I passed it along.

This box was valued at $81.93, close to triple the cost of the box. It was packed with so many different, amazing products and introduced me to a ton of new products to make my skin super smooth.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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