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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited - Titania Review

Hey y'all! If you're here from the group post, welcome to the purple of the collection. If you stumbled upon this post in another way, you should check out said group post to see the other polishes from this collection!

This polish is part of the Starry Starry Nights collection and is currently available. Each polish of the collection is $9.50 and the entire collection (six polishes) is $50.

Titania is a plum base with silver and chameleon micro glitters, illusion flakes and silver and pink holo micro flakes.

Brush macro.

Bottle macro.

Glossy nail macro.

You knew there had to be a purple in the collection, no night sky collection is complete without one. It's such a beautiful purple, too.

It has such a nice purple shimmer in the deep purple base that gives it some amazing depth.

Matte nail macro.

Even with a matte top coat, the purple shimmer is definitely still showing up.

 Formula: Very good.
Coats for Opacity: Two coats.
Ease of Dry: Normal dry.
Texture: None noted.
Finish: Shine.

As always, let me know what you thought of this polish in the comments!

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