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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sweets Gift Box - February 2017

What is Sweets Gift Box?: Sweets Gift Box is a monthly subscription box by The Gift Box (the company that brings us Pet Gift Box and a slew of other boxes) that promises the ultimate sweet tooth experience to satisfy your every craving.

How Much is Sweets Gift Box?: Sweets Gift Box is $30 if you buy a one-off box or $25 if you subscribe. The price is lower if you do a long-term subscription. Currently, the box is available to the US only.

The 'Love at First Bite' theme is so cute. I do tend to fall in love with a food immediately (or not at all). 

Theme card.

Lucky Guy Bakery Brownie (The Nutty Brownie) ($5.00) - Oh dear lord, no. I tried this with my mom (another chocolate lover/obsessor/etc) and we both hated it. It was just like really bad chocolate, kinda sandy, and just really bad in general. Would not eat again.

Sweet Jules Caramels (Classic Vanilla Bean) ($4.37) - These were okay, very soft and creamy but with a strange slightly harder exterior. Usually husband is the caramel person but I opted to test these (due to the flavor). They were both really sweet and not sweet at the same time. I don't know that I would buy these again but if they came in a similar box, I'd probably eat one or two.

Ethel M Chocolates (Caramel Milk Chocolate) ($2.99) - Basically my husband's favorite candy type, smooth caramel inside of milk chocolate. He scarfed this down, so either it was amazing or horrible (hint, it was amazing).

Mayana Chocolate (Fix Bar) ($8.00) - Ever imagine a Twix bar but thicker and with more stuffing? This it that...kinda. It's made with dark chocolate (not really bitter chocolate, like a mild dark chocolate) and it's actually really, really good. I would like more but the price causes hesitation.

Funky Chunky (Chocolate Pretzels) ($3.50) - Uh, no. I really like chocolate covered pretzels, maybe even caramel and chocolate covered pretzels, but I do not like pecans (I know, take away my southern card). I sent these to my parents' house and they seemed to enjoy them!

This box was valued at $23.86, under the cost of the box. Like with most food boxes, the value isn't there if you are only looking at the monetary side of it. I did find one really good treat that I liked but this was a very chocolate-heavy box - not something that everyone will enjoy, maybe something should be changed?

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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