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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Monthly Dapper Box - February 2017 + Coupon Code!

What is the Monthly Dapper Club?: The Monthly Dapper Club (a subscription by Harrison Blake) is a monthly subscription geared towards men. Each month includes a necktie and four accessories. The accessories will be coordinated and easy to style. 

How Much is Monthly Dapper Club?: The Monthly Dapper Club is $25 shipped to the USA and Canada, $40 shipped internationally. Costs go down for longer term subscriptions. Use SEASON for $15 off your first month.

You know how I feel about cool-toned sets and a theme.

Info card.

Harrison Blake Block Pattern Necktie ($25.00) - The texture!! I'm really weird about textures, I either love it or hate it. This one - I hated. It was rough, weirdly thick, and had crisscrossing patterns. Husband didn't have the same issue with texture but he wasn't a fan of the pattern itself. It ended up being a pass.

Harrison Blake Navy Blue Tie Bar ($15.00) - Like with any tie, you need a tie bar that goes along with it. It's a nice tie bar but it went with its rightful owner.

Harrison Blake Winter Beanie ($25.00) - Honestly, this just seems like a step up from a basic beanie that you could get anywhere, definitely not worth $25. It also wasn't warm enough for husband to wear when he actually needs a beanie. This was inevitably a pass.

Harrison Blake Cotton Pocket Square ($20.00) - This Just isn't really husband's style. He doesn't own a tie (that he kept) that matches these colors and the pattern. It's of good quality, though!

Soapstone Whiskey Rocks ($8.00) - A nice addition (that added a strange weight which confused me when I first received the package) but ultimately useless. Unless you are drinking alone, more than two whiskey stones are generally used. We also have a full set of them from a past Alpha Outpost (do not recommend) box so two more isn't really overly useful.

The value of this box was $93, well over the cost of it. The box, for husband, was a bit of a letdown. The items just weren't his style (but that's more so because of his particular taste rather than lack of curation from the company).

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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