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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sweets Gift Box - January 2017

What is Sweets Gift Box?: Sweets Gift Box is a monthly subscription box by The Gift Box (the company that brings us Pet Gift Box and a slew of other boxes) that promises the ultimate sweet tooth experience to satisfy your every craving.

How Much is Sweets Gift Box?: Sweets Gift Box is $30 if you buy a one-off box or $25 if you subscribe. The price is lower if you do a long-term subscription. Currently, the box is available to the US only.

I'm all about the noms, especially when there is so much chocolate in it. To get to my heart, supply my stomach with nachos or chocolate.

Giant Marshmallow Crispycake (Chocolate Brownie) ($14.50) - Just no. This is such a good concept, a chocolate brownie flavored giant rice crispy treat. Instead, it fell super flat in both texture and flavor. For the price, I expect something absolutely amazing but this flavor just isn't worth it.

Bobo's Bites (Apple Pie) ($1.10) - I know I'm weird but I really hate apple pie flavored things. I will, on occasion, eat actual apple pies but only if I get the craving. This is a nice bite-sized treat but not my thing at all. Now the lemon poppy seed one, I might be more interested in that one.

Theo's Peanut Butter Cups (Milk Chocolate) ($2.29) - I would like to say what I thought of this but unfortunately, anything resembling a Reese's goes immediately into my husband's mouth. He seemed quite pleased with these so they were a win for him.

Lovely Candy & Co (Original Caramels) ($4.99) - Chewy caramels, one of the tastiest ways to pull out a filling and get massive amounts of sugar in your body. These were quite good, especially for the cost. I never decided if they were good enough to drive to Whole Foods to get more of, but possibly next time I'm there.

Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips (Unknown) - Why on earth do people do this? This is wrong on soooooooo many levels. Instant pass.

The value of this box was $22.88, sans the value of the item that shows what's wrong with the world. The value wasn't quite up there with the cost of the box, but that tends to be the trend with snack/food boxes. I did find some good caramels and my husband did enjoy his chocolate peanut butter cups, so it was still a good box.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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