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Friday, May 19, 2017

innocent+twisted Eye Shadow Swatches + Coupon Code!

Y'all remember when I subscribed to innocent+twisted's subscription bag? Well, the creative genius behind innocent+twisted partnered with myself and three other blogger/Instagrammers to create some custom shades to share with you guys, and we each have a code for 20% off your full purchase. A bonus, if you use our code you also get our individual eye shadow as a freebie! 

All four of our shades! Any guesses which one is mine? Swatches will be at the end!

First up is Lani Loves (Instagram|Blog), what I would describe as a seafoam green with a ton of shimmery glitter. It swatches a little darker green with a flat brush but stays light if you pat it on with your finger.

Kelsy is a matte blackened plum. When swatched with a flat brush it swatches far deeper than with a finger, perfect for a smokey corner.

Ashleigh is a grey with a green shift and holographic glitters. It's much more of a grey with a deep green with a flat brush and more of a light celery green with your finger.

Finally, my shade! Did you think this one would be mine? The formal name of this eye shadow is Kiersten, and I described it prior to being made as a cool-toned grey with a blue-purple shift. It came out as this gorgeous greyed navy with tons of magenta and blue shimmer. It is much darker when applied with a brush and is a light all-over shade with your finger. I chose this type of eye shadow to be something I could use as an all-over eye look that I could wear light or deepen to be fancier.

L-R: Lani Loves, Kelsey, Ashleigh, Kiersten. Each swatch is first a brush swatch (three strokes) and the second is a finger swatch is two strokes.

Like I mentioned before, you can get my eye shadow with code 'RSUBADDICT' and you'll also get 20% off your entire order! 

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