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Monday, April 10, 2017

Fortune Cookie Soap - Winter 2016 Soap Box

What is Fortune Cookie Soap's The Soap Box?: The Soap Box is a quarterly subscription box by Fortune Cookie Soap that features eight exclusive FCS mini items from a new collection prior to the launch of the new collection. Each box also comes with a $10 FCS gift code that you can use in the store.

How Much is Fortune Cookie Soap's The Soap Box?: The Soap Box is $19.99 for US customers, $24.99 for Canadian customers, and $29.99 for International customers. The price includes shipping!

Signing up for this box came around the same time of cancelling my Lip Love subscription. I figured it was something completely different from what I normally subscribe to and I like that about this box. Items that I normally wouldn't love are perfect to pass to my mom for her friends to try out!

Theme card.

Info card.

OCD Hand Sanitizer (Always Winter) ($2.89) - Go here for questions about the OCD name. I love having hand sanitizer in my purse, there are a lot of places that I've noticed don't have soap or are generally not very clean. I don't use it constantly because some exposure to germs is good but sometimes you just feel blehhh.

Whipped Cream (Father Christmas) ($6.99) - A super thick lotion/cream that's perfect to use every day to moisturize. As you know, my skin is dry so anything moisturizing is perfect for me. It smells like cupcakes/cupcake icing so of course I'm both loving it and getting hungry when I use it.

Fortune Cookie Soap (Sweeties) ($3.49) - Not currently available but there are quite a few other scents available here. Talk about something unique and a little different with a soap. While weird, it's still a really cool soap to have in a guest or non-guest bathroom depending on how much you like the scent. 

Whipped Soap (Hide and Seek) (Sample) - Body wash or shaving cream, you choose. I do love a good body wash replacement and but I'm filling up my cabinets so eventually, I'll have to pass some along. This one, however, is staying right with me. It's another cupcake dream so I'm keeping it to myself!

Dusting Powder (Dream of a Dream) (Sample) - While I love this scent, I don't do dusting powders. I don't use these kinds of products because they tend to dry me out more than help me keep smelling nice. I might have opened it to smell before passing it along, though.

Perfume Oil (Lion's Breath) ($7.99) - NO MORE OILS. I'm far too messy for oils, they immediately go into the 'pass' bag. It smells wonderful though, so sad.

Shampoo Bar (Deep Magic) (Sample) - I only wish they would have included a conditioner bar to pair with this (partly because I'm fascinated by a conditioner bar in the first place). I don't love herbal-y shampoos very much but I do really love mint scented/flavored anything. I have been frequently using shampoo bars (from LUSH) but this was an excellent addition to my collection.

Pedi Bomb (Small Favors) (Sample) - I love the smell of this so while I don't use pedi bombs, it's a great scent addition to my office. It smells of tobacco and citrus and I love that combination.


Overall I really loved this box. So much so that I also bought a few of their 'Get What You Get' bags (sampler bags) and I have a ton of FCS products sitting around the house as well as going to friends and family members. The value is more in the trying of new products/scents so I definitely found that and more!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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