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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Treatsie - December 2016

What is Treatsie?: Treatsie is a monthly subscription box with sweets! It's actually a box with artisan sweets, so the kinds of things I won't normally spend the time to make but love eating. Each box has food from three different vendors so there will always be a good variety and plenty to sample from.

How Much is Treatsie?: Treatsie is $19.95/month but guarantees at least a $25 value, and you can always lower your monthly cost by subscribing for longer terms. If you click here to sign up, you will get double sweets for your first month!

This was my final Treatsie box of their six-month sampler promo for bloggers, and I can say I was happy it was over. By the end of it, I was finding myself concerned about when (or if) my box would come in and getting so many emails about it.

At least the December box was put in the correct box.

And the included a theme/an info card!

Info card.

The Sugar Stash Sour Evergreen Trees & Gingerbread Fudge (Unknown/Unavailable) - This is made by The Sugar Stash, a candy subscription box, and isn't available for purchase anywhere. I'm not quite sure why something would be included that couldn't be purchased but because it wasn't good, I wouldn't purchase anyways.

Tumbador Chocolate Chocolate Covered S'Mores ($4.00) - This was okay but not good enough for me to eat the full thing. I was hoping it was going to be amazing due to the high percentage of dark chocolate and that it was s'mores but the chocolate wasn't bitter and the marshmallow wasn't fluffy or good. Husband did like it (probably because of the caramel) so it was eaten.

Chocolates Para Ti 57% Dark Chocolate (Not Listed Online) - Dark chocolate shouldn't be considered dark until it's at least 70% but for just a sweet chocolate snack, it's good. 

Tumbador Chocolate Chocolate Covered Baguette (Not Listed Online) - Nope, nope, nope. I had high hopes for this, I love chocolate so much and adding something as simple as a baguette should have made it just a unique chocolate, but instead it was just meh at best.

The value of this box is unknown just because of how many items weren't available online or the stores don't even sell individual items. I liked the dark chocolate bar and husband did enjoy his s'mores but otherwise, it was a big ol' flop and there's no way I would have paid $20 for this box and I'm sure the value (if possible to calculate) wouldn't have been the guaranteed $25. 

Like I mentioned before, this is my final Treatsie box from the blogger promo and I will not be subscribing myself afterward. If you like trying out new snacks, subscribe! If you are looking for value in it as well, this might not be the subscription for you (but I do have a new snack subscription coming up soon that might be for you!).

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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