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Saturday, March 18, 2017

TacPack - December 2016

What is TacPack?: TacPack is a monthly subscription box full of gun gear for shooters and gun fanatics. Each month may include AR15 accessories, knives, EDC tools, targets, patches, shirts, cleaning materials, and stickers. Each box will include 3-7 pieces each month. You tell them your shirt size and glove size, so there's a slight hint at what might be in boxes!

How Much is TacPack?: The subscription is currently $49.95. You can also purchase past boxes when they are available and even items from the past boxes or specialty boxes.

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It's always a good TacPack month for husband when the box includes a knife.

Info card.

Born Deplorable Patch (Priceless) - Not mine or husband's favorite thing in the box.

Mobile Marksman Shooting Stabilizer ($45.00) - File this under cool gadget but possibly a little overpriced. It's literally designed to go on the end of a rifle to allow you to rest on just about anything to get a more stable shot. Handy for very few situations other than practicing if you aren't in the military or an officer.

XSTEEL AR500 Plate ($14.00) - When the box came in we both noted how heavy the box was - this is why it was so heavy. This is something small to go pew-pew at to test your ability to hit something small. It hasn't been put to use yet due to husband being so busy with work for the past few months so we'll see when it warms up how well this works!

Gerber Air Ranger Knife ($48.00) - Yay for another knife. We always seem to need one and so these are slowly populating every room in our house so I never have to hunt for one. This isn't assisted opening so it's more a knife for me than for husband.

DocSpartan HWD ($10.00) - Finally, something for helping wounds or other skin ailments for your go bag besides being told to 'rub dirt in it.' This is made with oil, essential oils, and beeswax so it's completely natural and the perfect way to help basic skin issues.

This box was valued at $117, an excellent value for the cost of the box. I had wished with the promise of such a high value box that it would include a few more items or a less specific high-value item but it was still a pretty good box. 

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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