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Friday, March 17, 2017

Sparks Emporium Subscription Box - December 2016

What is Sparks Emporium Subscription Box?: Sparks Emporium Subscription Box is a monthly box curated by the owner of Sparks Emporium. This is a handmade jewelry company that also sells bookmarks, stickers, decals, and more! Each month has a theme that you can find out about on Instagram and Facebook but they do sell out quite quickly.

How Much is Sparks Emporium Subscription Box?: This box was $23.00 plus $5.00 shipping for the US. The box is now $35.00 plus shipping ($7.00 US). Big jump, I have no clue if the jump in cost is shown in the items included as I no longer purchase this box due to a past issue (below).

Oh yeah, it's a Harry Potter box. I was immediately thrilled when I got the email asking for my house.

The shipping box was smaller this time compared to the last box.

Info card.

Print ($5.00) - Oh yes, every Harry Potter fan needs about five items with this quote on it. This is already in the pile for my gallery wall. The quality is really good and I love the art on it.

Class Schedule Bookmark ($2.50) - Love this except for one thing, why would Hermione have a free morning?  

Necklace ($10.00) - A small necklace with your house openly displayed for everyone to see. It goes with everything that could possibly be worn but isn't too much that you couldn't wear it with another.

Wish Bracelet ($3.00) - Same with last month, make a wish when you put it on and when it breaks, the wish is to come true. I LOVE this one but it's not the easiest to sleep with due to the pointy ends. I'm planning on making the lightning bolt a keychain.

Slytherin Hair Tie ($0.50) - These are adorable but are far too small to hold up my hair. Instead I wear these as bracelets or use them when I tie my hair in a braid.

Phantasmagoric Herbarium Love Potion Tea ($2.50) - Easily purchasable in large quantities as a favor for a wedding. I haven't tried steeping this because of how adorable it is (and how picky I am with tea).

Mermaid Ring ($6.00) - Easily my favorite item from the box. How could you say no to this gorgeous mermaid scale ring?? I love her rings because they size down small enough to fit me and still look like rings! 

Mermaid ring, on.

Hogwarts Wax Seal Pin ($4.00) - Perfect for my corkboard of pins and perfect for every Harry Potter fan! 

I really enjoyed this box. It might be because it had more items that I connect with or that it was customized. It was valued at $33.50 which is just barely over the cost of this box. I hope with the huge jump in price that she jumps the value up as well.

I'm adding my complaint from the November box in case you missed it. My biggest complaint about this box is that it's not a monthly purchase and it's not well advertised on when the boxes go live. I actually missed the January, February, and March boxes because (yeah, the March box sold out before March was here and I reached out to the maker about this) there's not really any notification of the box going live. Facebook Pages/Instagram as a medium for conveying information is a terrible one at best and I don't like having to fight for information. I would have appreciated an email list that I could sign up for to specifically see when the box was available. The themes were good but I ended up deciding to not continue trying after December due to how difficult it is to get information on releases. 

As always, let me know in the comments what you thought of this box!

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