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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Orglamix Glam Box - November 2016

What is Orglamix Glam Box?: Orglamix Glam Box is a natural, vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics line, and they decided to start a subscription box to try out their products each month! Each month will include 4-6 curated items and a $10 e-gift card to Orglamix! Also, for each box sold, Orglamix donates a meal to a child in need via Rice Bowls.

How Much is Orglamix Glam Box?: Orglamix Glam Box is $29/month with free shipping. With longer subscriptions, you can either get one or two boxes free!

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Obviously, Autumn Magic references those not living in the South. 

Love the colors on the box!

Info card.

Creme Fraiche (Spiced Pear) ($6.00) - When I first saw this I thought it was going to be a moisturizer but boy was I wrong, this is actually an exfoliator. There are these weird things in it but it's not a super rough exfoliator, just enough to notice.

Lip Plumper ($12.50) - Good effort, bad outcome. This came with a rollerball which doesn't work well with thick glosses, which this is. Also most plumpers are made with mentol (think those old glosses from Bath & Body Works that were soooo good) but this one was instead made with cinnamon oil. It does the same job but in a different way and it's something that should be tested before use, if you can get it out of the rollerball.

Body Brulee (Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin) ($6.00) - I do like the formula of their lotion/creams but man I'm not a fan of pumpkin scented stuff...at all. I tried this but it ended up being a pass due to the smell. 

Natural Mineral Eyeshadow (Spiced Mocha, Pumpkin Cider, Salted Caramel) ($12.00 each) - I really like the formula of their eyeshadows. They are smooth and creamy but still have good payoff. They aren't the most pigmented in the world but they are very much useable if you use a good primer/base and build it up a bit. Swatches below.

Spiced Mocha, Pumpkin Cider, Salted Caramel.

This box was valued at $61.50, a great value for the cost of the box! The items were all interesting and fit together in the theme nicely!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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