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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lip Love - December 2016

What is Lip Love?: Lip Love is a monthly subscription box by So Susan. Each month will include at least three full-sized products, one bonus makeup, and one bonus accessory. Each month you get a unique canvas bag as well.

How Much is Lip Love?: Lip Love is $20.95 (American) per month with international shipping available. I did have to pay a foreign transaction fee because they are located in the UK, so make sure you know that ahead of time. They have begun shipping from a US distribution center, but shipping time doesn't seem to have gotten any faster. The bags get cheaper if you do longer subscriptions, so that's always great.

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My last Lip Love box. As soon as I opened the box I knew that it was going to be the last. It's really cute for a little while but the duplicates became really annoying really quickly. For how many products they sell between the three companies, it shouldn't happen nearly as often as it does.

Dancing penguin!!!

Info card.

So Susan Cosmetics Liquid Crystal (Spiced Latte) ($21.95/$18.33) - This is supposed to be a non-sticky liquid lipstick that dries to a satin shine. It is a liquid lipstick (with a few coats) and does dry to a nice semi-matte shine but it's also on the sticky side. There are so many cheaper alternatives that aren't sticky, save your money.

Trifle Cosmetics Cheek Parfait (Chocolate Dessert) ($22.95/$18.95) - I do like the cheek parfaits. They have good color payoff and blend out wonderfully. Just a little bit of color goes a long way so I use this by dabbing a bit on one finger and lightly applying on the apples of my cheeks before blending.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Butter (Owls) ($18.95) - Oh my gosh, I'm so tired of these Lip Butters. They are okay but they aren't made well enough to be in your makeup bag in your purse because the lipstick will fall out with repeated shaking/movement.

So Susan Kabuki Brush ($22.95) - This is a nice brush but nothing special. Definitely not $22.95 worth, considering when I got the new Wet n Wild Spring set it included a kabuki brush and that one is at least the same quality. Basically, save your dollars.

Liquid Crystal, Cheek Parfait, Lip Butter.

This box was valued at $98.80 based on their card but website prices bring it down to $91.18. Either way, it's obvious by now that they overinflate their values of items for these bags - going as far as including the value of the bag itself and their 'bonus' item as part of the value. I finally was disenchanted with this subscription when December rolled around and I realized I wasn't getting the money back that I paid for it out of the box itself.

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