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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Treatsie - October 2016

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

What is Treatsie?: Treatsie is a monthly subscription box with sweets! It's actually a box with artisan sweets, so the kinds of things I won't normally spend the time to make but love eating. Each box has food from three different vendors so there will always be a good variety and plenty to sample from.

How Much is Treatsie?: Treatsie is $19.95/month but guarantees at least a $25 value, and you can always lower your monthly cost by subscribing for longer terms. If you click here to sign up, you will get double sweets for your first month!

Were you looking for a doozy of a review? Well you got one. Let me preface this by saying that I live in Georgia where it's hot. It's actually Summer most of the year, even in October. Please let this be a warning to anyone and everyone that chocolate cannot be sent in the mail in October to Georgia (or most places in the South) without either being wicked fast shipping or in a temperature contained box.

J&M Foods Pumpkin Tea Cookies ($5.00) - Just no. I get that PSL is the theme of the season for the Fall and that everyone wants to play into that. I absolutely hate pumpkin flavored things and husband does as well so these were passed to my mother. I don't generally dislike J&M cookies but the flavor just isn't for me.

I saw other people received a different cookie flavor (also it was the flavor listed on the card that I didn't receive) so I'm guessing this was thrown in my box because they ran out. The Holiday Spice cookies would have been a welcome item so that they failed to send me a complete box shows me how little they actually care about their customers.

Lovely Candy Co. Super Fruit Chews ($1.67) - These are very fruity and reminiscent of an old fruit chew from when I was a child, Hi-Chew. While they are good, they aren't as chewy or soft and it's a chew that you have to work with to be able to eat it. I liked them fine but probably would not purchase again.

Big Little Fudge Coconut-A-Lot/Choc-A-Lot Brownies ($1.50/each) - Remember how I mentioned that chocolate shouldn't be mailed in October? This is part of why. When something's melted, especially as melted as these brownies were, it changes the texture of the snack and makes it not as good in general. I didn't try the coconut one just due to my aversion to the texture of coconut but I believe the choco-a-lot would have been quite good had it not been melted.

Chocxo Organic Chocolate Snaps Almond+Sea Salt Dark/Peanut+Sea Salt Milk Chocolates ($0.99/each) - Another thing that was ruined by being so melted. This ended up being a mess but a sealed mess at least. I think both would have been amazing had they not been a mess but sadly, they were.

Chocxo Organic Chocolate Squares ($0.42/each) - This was the real disaster. These don't have a factory-style seal and therefore one leaked a bit. Again, would have been great had the consistency been altered but instead it was just a mess. Note to everyone: the average high of October was 80 where I live, chocolate cannot survive in those temperatures.

This box was valued at $13.33, again lower than the stated $25 value they guarantee. It has become a tradition with them and they don't seem to be able to get the values up. There have also been some problems such as shipping times not being when they said or boxes failing to include the correct problems so the issues are starting to outweigh the fun of the box.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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