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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

BOOM!Box by Espionage Cosmetics - October 2016 Review

What is BOOM!Box?: BOOM!Box is a bimonthly (every other month) subscription from Espionage Cosmetics. If you haven't heard of Espionage Cosmetics, it's a makeup/nail wrap brand all about nerdy things (comics, books, even the Federalist Papers). BOOM!Box is their subscription that includes nail art, makeup, and the other random goodies that fit in with their amazing themes.

How Much is BOOM!Box?: BOOM!Box is $30/box plus shipping ($6.95 for US, $13 for Canada, $18 for other select countries).

I died over how in love I was with this box. I opened it and literally squealed.

It ships in a purple box (yay, purple!).

Theme card.

Inside the theme card, info card.

Dark Ruby Raw Druzy Studs by Sparks Emporium ($3.00) - You guys will be seeing more of Sparks Emporium soon, so make sure to check out what they have to offer! I'm picky about earrings but these are so cute. These are the perfect size, in my opinion, and the way the colors reflect are so perfect. While this came in an October/Halloween box, they are perfect for any day of the year!

Acro Bats (Box Exclusive) ($25.00) - These can be put anywhere, your hair, a necklace, shoes, to hold papers together, etc. I cannot link them because you had to have been a subscriber to BOOM!Box to access the website, but they are not available for purchase. My office is perpetually decorated in a Halloween-y theme so this set is perfect to add a bit of sparkle to it!

Nail Wraps (Graveyard/Redrum) ($10.00/each) - On top of making magic with their makeup, Espionage Cosmetics also rocks nail wraps, to the extent where there's even a subscription for them! Not shown is a nail file which is included in every box to make your manicure even easier. I like both and love the Redrum reference, and will use these as accent nails.

Art Print by Nerdy Post - Nerdy Post is a monthly subscription so there isn't a price for just the print. I love prints and have been collecting them to make a gallery wall of the goodness. This is a really high-quality print but is smaller than what comes in their subscription (which is something I'd love to try out).

Espionage Cosmetics Lip Serums & Everything Shadows. Also included was two mixing containers, if you want to mix your own shades!

Lip Serums (Sugar/Venom) ($9.00/ea) - I really like Venom for a bright and bold lip and Venom looks so good on top of lighter colors if you use a light application. Both are a little on the sticky side, very much what you would expect from a typical lip gloss.

Everything Shadows (Clockwork/Tea & Crumpets) ($7.50/each) - These are called 'Everything' because they can actually be used for all parts of your makeup and even your nails. Tea & Crumpets is a gorgeous shader for your bottom lash line or to add some depth to your outer corner while Clockwork is a perfect crease shadow or a deeper inner corner highlight.

Venom, Sugar, Tea & Crumpets, and Clockwork.

This box was valued at $81, nearly triple the box cost, and it introduced me to so many new-to-me brands as well as some of Espionage Cosmetic's products. I loved the theme and the items all fit perfectly!

Do you get BOOM!Box or shop from Espionage Cosmetics? Let me know in the comments!

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