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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Treatsie - September 2016

What is Treatsie?: Treatsie is a monthly subscription box with sweets! It's actually a box with artisan sweets, so the kinds of things I won't normally spend the time to make but love eating. Each box has food from three different vendors so there will always be a good variety and plenty to sample from.

How Much is Treatsie?: Treatsie is $19.95/month but guarantees at least a $25 value, and you can always lower your monthly cost by subscribing for longer terms. If you click here to sign up, you will get double sweets for your first month!

I admit, I'm wondering why I bother with Treatsie when the boxes are coming later and later, to the point where they come the next month.

Theme card.

Info card.

Both of the Cuit products were only good for less than two weeks due to being 'freshly baked.'

Cuit Caramel Apple Whoopie Pie ($4.00) - Just no. I am not a huge caramel fan and I really hate caramel apple flavored things. If you give me apples and caramel to dip into it, I'm all into it and will eat my weight. This just didn't seem to hold up to what I was thinking it would be and because husband was out of the country, he didn't get to try this.

Cuit Raspberry Crumbler ($4.00) - I like raspberries, I like crumblers, I like this. It's just sweet enough to be a dessert but has a bit of a slight tang from the berries which is so good!

Treatsie Almond Toffee ($3.50) - Just no. Granted, I am not a toffee fan or an almond fan, so the chances of my liking this were slim anyways, but still, no.

Treat Bake Shop Candied Pecans ($6.00) - This is another thing that I was destined to not like because I really don't like pecans. I wish there was a way to specify no nuts, just because of boxes like this where half is instantly wasted due to my not liking nuts.

The box was valued at $17.50, which is again lower than they advertise boxes will be valued. I'm not sure who does the math at Treatsie but they need to go back to school, because boxes aren't being valued at $25. If you want the box just to try out unique and different foods and not for the value, the box is great for you.

Have you tried Treatsie? Let me know what you think of it!

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