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Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Don Deeva Hella Holo Customs Review

Warning: Photo heavy post.

Today I have three polishes that while no longer available, I felt must be shared. This trio was made for the Hella Holo Customs Facebook Group (a group full of those of us with a particular affection for holographic polishes), which means you had to be a part of that group to purchase. A little info: HHC is a closed Facebook Group where each month, makers team up with the HHC group to create customs that are all things holographic. It's required to be in the group to purchase these polishes, so you might as well join!

These were sold a few months ago, but The Don Deeva is still creating her own magic frequently with gorgeous polishes that are extremely difficult to say no to.

Kamanawanalea is a fuchsia tinted base with fuchsia, red, and purple microglitters galore.

Bottle macro.

Nail macro. 

Oh my gosh, can I just say that I love this polish (and the other two to follow). I'm all about a microglitter and the jelly base makes it the perfect combination of squishy and ka-pow! 

Just look at all of the shimmer and the depth!

Matte nail macro.

I admit, I wasn't sure how the matte top coat was going to effect these. I like it, but I definitely love this polish glossy more than matte.

All three polishes required two coats for opacity. There is texture due to the microglitters so make sure to have a good top coat on hand to smooth it out! 

McLovin is a violet base with indigo, plum, and violet microglitters.

Bottle macro.

Nail macro.

You know I was all about this, I love me some purples. 

I love how the lighter shades pop on the darker base, especially in direct lighting.

Matte nail macro.

I think McLovin does much better matte than Kamanawanalea. The varying shades are all very evident when matted down, which I love. It loses some of the sparkle, but it's still a gorgeous shade with either finish.

I was really shocked at how easy the application was for all three polishes, they all were very easy to use and the microglitters from the second coat settled nicely into the first coat.

Menehune Mischief is a teal blue base with light green, sea blue, and cobalt blue microglitters.

Bottle macro.

Nail macro.

This, this right here is my favorite. This could potentially be the polish I would choose if I had to only choose one polish for the rest of my life (which sounds like an awful thing to make someone do).

I love how all of the shades of blue/green pop simultaneously. It looks like a gorgeous ocean on a dream island.

Matte nail macro.

Even matte, the microglitters all just pop out, as if nothing had changed on top. It actually sucked me in while I was swatching.

All three polishes are wonderful, but there is something to keep in mind with these as well as any dense microglitters or glitter bombs. A peel-off base coat is recommended or be prepared to spend a few minutes for each nail removing the glitters. The longer you wear them, the longer the removal time (in my experience).

Overall, I am more than pleased with this purchase for these three polishes. They all are gorgeous and The Don Deeva did an amazing job creating these for us. She makes so many wonderful polishes and I highly suggest checking out her store!

Let me know what you thought of these polishes in the comments!

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