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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Polish Your Dreams Brand Review Including Swatches

I'm going to preface this by saying this is not a positive review. At the end of this post, there will not be a 'there are flaws but you should still consider buying from this brand.' I tried to give this brand every chance, even waiting to post this review as well as some swatches. This order was made at the end of May, so I have been holding onto this for quite some time. If you have any suggestions, comments, or critiques, let me know. 

First issue: shipping time. Like I mentioned, I made the order at the end of May and received it at the end of June. Her stated turn-around time was 2-3 weeks, and it was three weeks before I received tracking. I feel like if I hadn't hounded her numerous times about shipping my order and getting the tracking, she would have let it slide right past the three-week mark. Later on, her stated turn-around time became 4-6 weeks.

Second issue: misrepresenting polish. I ordered six polishes, which is unheard of for me to do from a new brand, but she was having what seemed like an amazing sale (50% off). Side note: it turns out that pricing her polishes higher and constantly having large value sales is her standard. Of the six polishes, none of them looked like swatches that were on her website. Either the UV polishes didn't turn the shades that were shown or the polishes just didn't perform the way they were shown to.

Third issue: customer service fails. After receiving my polishes and initially testing them , I made some statements in a Facebook Group. At that same time, I felt it pertinent to personally message her to let her know my displeasure. It was over a month and after other comments were made by myself and others that she felt it time to respond to me. I've said it numerous times, you can have failings with polish or long shipping times but I might consider purchasing from you again if you have excellent customer service. If you have two of those, I'm less likely but would still consider it. All three and I'm left with this.

Now on to some pictures. This won't be a typical post with full sets of swatches. This is also not my best work, due to my complete and utter disappointment with both the maker and the polish. I felt it important to share my story in case the maker does decide to come back to the polish world, just so others aren't hurt the same way I was.

The Finding of My Mother:

This was presented as a light pink to dark pink UV polish (meaning it changes colors in the sunlight rather than a thermal that changes with temperature). I first tried this without a white base and was left with an almost nonexistent polish with some microglitters. The photos showed a dense microglitter in a good light pink to dark pink base, this definitely wasn't that. 

Outside it does become a magenta but as you can see below, it doesn't stay very deep for very long. I also found this to be a gloopy formula, which continued on to all of the other polishes I tried by this brand.  

I expected so much more from this polish. I don't know if it's just me, but this polish looks a little muddy. Not quite like the glitters are melting into the base but just like it isn't quite meshing either. This photo was taken less than two minutes after the one above and while still outside, the UV was already starting to not be reactive. Because this is my first adventure with UV polishes, I'm not sure what I am supposed to expect. 

Mermaid's Playground:

This was shown as a light violet jelly that just looked so smooth and spoing-y. Instead, I was met with yet another polish that needed a white base and a lot of work. This was also shown as a crazy full coverage microglitter, which this isn't.

As you can see, this is a pink-y base with some microglitters. I was looking forward to the purple but I was mostly looking forward to how smooth the microglitter looked. Cue sad Kiersten.

Kisses in the Rain:

Out of the three in the review as well as the other three I purchased. While the photo showed it being a more full-coverage microglitter, the swatch did show some nail which made me aware ahead of time that I would need an undie. I was still unhappy, however, because it was far less opaque than it looked in the picture. I tried this over my bare nail and there was far more nail showing than in the shop photos.

I did really like the way this looked in bottle and would have been so happy if there had been more microglitters and it looked like the shop photos.

Overall: All three polishes above as well as the others I purchased had stated 2-3 coats to opaque, no mention of a base needed. I did purchase four microglitters as well as two jelly holographics. I didn't find any 'jelly' in any of these polishes. I found a lot of the polishes not matching the photos, to which I can only attribute to her not using her same formula or just not doing a good job with quality control when it comes to her products. Like I mentioned before, I haven't used UV polishes before so I'm not sure if they burn out quickly, which could have something to do with The Finding of My Mother as well as the other UV I purchased. I would not recommend this brand or this maker. It's been brought up that she has been under another name previously and came back under this brand, so I fully expect that to happen again. Her store is currently closed, but beware if she comes back.

I'm sorry for such a negative review, I will be back to my typical critical but usually positive self soon.

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