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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pet Gift Box - July 2016 + Coupon Code!

What is Pet Gift Box?: Pet Gift Box is a monthly pet subscription box, with the option of dogs or cats! For dogs, there's three options for size and you tell them the name and gender of your pet, regardless of cat or dog.

How Much is Pet Gift Box?: Pet Gift Box is $28.99/month and gets less expensive with longer subscriptions. Get 50% off with code rambling off your first box! Now you can sign up for a year, but still pay month-to-month, only $18.99/month!

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Still catching up. Summer boxes in the fall (well, fall-ish).

Info card.

Fro-Yo To Go ($10.99) - These are really cute yogurt drops, almost like something to be made for a child (or adult). They smell almost like cheese potatoes rather than sweet potatoes and carrots, but Trumpet really likes them either way. There are a ton in this little package and he's still snacking on them even now!

Chillout Treats ($6.99) - Unlike the Fro-Yo treats, these didn't last long at all. Trumpet LOVES meaty-like treats, so he gobbled these up. These didn't have a particularly strong smell, which is almost always a blessing when it comes to pet treats.

Brr Bite Bone ($12.99) - Sadly, we still haven't quite figured out how this bone works. From what I gathered, you are supposed to wet this and then freeze it. Trumpet chewed on it sporadically but mostly it just thawed out on everything. This would have been a very useful toy when he was a puppy, but I don't feel it works for a box aimed towards adult dogs.

Life's A Beach Ball ($5.99) - This didn't last very long, but we did enjoy playing fetch for a short time. It's not made of very high-quality materials, it actually reminds me of something from a dollar store, so I didn't expect it to last any longer than it did.

Sandal Rope Toy ($6.99) - In contrast to the other toy, this has lasted to this day. It's in multiple pieces, but it has still lasted. This is a super cute toy and perfect for a Summer box. Pet Gift Box, more ropes, please! They have been lasting so long in this house and I'm a happy puppy mom!

This box is valued at $43.95, which is really good for the box cost. We loved almost all of the items and could only complain about the bone not really fitting the box. 

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