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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Howling Boutique's Supermoon Lacquer - Pistol Star

The Howling Boutique, a nail polish jewelry shop, has now created a nail polish line named Supermoon Lacquer. Get it, Howling, Supermoon? It's all a thing! I finally have the Ready to Launch Collection to show you guys and have a brand new Macro Lens Set to use, which means I'll be Macro-ing all the things! The full Ready to Launch collection (9 polishes) is available for a discounted $85 or each polish is available for $9-$10.  Check out other The Howling Boutique's Supermoon Lacquer reviews here!

I will have the polishes each getting their own review. I just want to make sure each polish gets the appropriate attention! Here is Pistol Star

Pistol Star is a holographic duochrome with a strong color shift from bright blue to vibrant purple.

Bottle macro. Holo for days.

Nail macro in daylight, look at the pop.

Nail macro inside.

I know, this is super dark. I'm not sure why but I'm kicking myself. Pistol Star is such a great thicker polish, the base is pigmented enough to not worry about needing a ton of coats and it still being opaque. Shown here is two thinner coats, but you might could get away with one coat if you have a heavier hand!

I love the shift in the blue to purple (almost a blue to blurple) and how the holographic stays muted under inside lights but wild when you go outside.

Matte macro.

Ah, there's the lighting that I'm used to. Don't worry, these are older pictures from before my new lighting setup and background. Pistol Star is a very smooth polish, like just about all from the Ready to Launch Collection. I had no issues with application and just used a top coat for effect.

I really loved this polish, it's such a great blue that has something extra with the shift. The holographic is just the right something extra to make me fall in love.

I can't believe I'm finally almost done reviewing the Ready to Launch Collection, there's just one more polish left to show you. If you haven't already purchased it, why not?! Don't forget about the I Am Cannibal Collection that I reviewed a few weeks ago.

Do you prefer Pistol Star glossy or matte, let me know in the comments!

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