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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Orglamix Glam Box - July 2016

What is Orglamix Glam Box?: Orglamix Glam Box is a natural, vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics line, and they decided to start a subscription box to try out their products each month! Each month will include 4-6 curated items and a $10 e-gift card to Orglamix! Also, for each box sold, Orglamix donates a meal to a child in need via Rice Bowls.

How Much is Orglamix Glam Box?: Orglamix Glam Box is $29/month with free shipping. With longer subscriptions, you can either get one or two boxes free!

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I was so thrilled to see another Orglamix box in my mailbox! I love their products and their curation is always on point.

Info card.

Rise + Shine Essential Ol Roll-On ($18.00) - If I could have bottled my scent for the Summer going into Fall, it would be this. As the name suggests, it's for when you might need to wake up during the day or just for every morning. It's a citrus blend, but I primarily smell lemon! I have been loving lemon-y things and have been trying to find a good candle to burn everywhere! It is an oil so keep it away from your clothes but it does dry quickly, so you can throw it on after you shower or wash your face and it'll be good to go in a couple of minutes.

Splash Mask (Energy Yellow Citrus) ($14.00) - This isn't listed on their website, so I am going on the info card on how this is used. It's supposed to be a mask that you just spray on your face and pat it dry. The Splash Mask is meant to combat dullness and tone your skin in a quick and easy way. I have been using masks and have had mixed results, but this is a pleasant change. It isn't going to cause drastic changes, but it's a good complement to the essential oil (smells almost just like it) and it does somehow make your skin feel better

Beauty Blender (Spiral Twist) ($10.00) - I couldn't find this exact same sponge for sale, so this is a similar product. No, this isn't a true Beauty Blender, but it's a good substitute. The swirls are supposed to help you get the product in more closely, but I haven't noticed that very much. I do have a few fake Beauty Blenders as well as real ones, and there is a slight difference in the quality but not enough for me to say you can only use authentic ones. This is one of the better knockoff blenders that I've tried, so I would recommend trying the ones from Orglamix!

Mineral Eyeshadow (Happy Sparkle Sunshine Vibes) ($12.00) - A lovely shimmery, gold-sandy metallic eyeshadow. It's very creamy and super pigmented. In the swatch below, I did two light passes over no primer/base and it's vibrant. It's a great transition shade and would look great with lighter eye looks or darker ones.

Mineral Retouching Powder (Banane) ($20.00) - If you have heard of the Ben Nye Banana Powder, this is the Orglamix version of it. It's a yellow tinted powder to finish up your makeup by doing some last minute smoothing, but because it's yellow it doesn't flash back under lighting like white ones can do. Because I have a lot of redness and it's difficult to cover without caking on makeup, this is a lifesaver. 

Swatches of Happy Sparkle Sunshine Vibes and Banane.

This box is valued at $74, which is more than double the cost. I do love Orglamix's boxes and their products, and the curation on this box couldn't be beat. My favorite product is definitely the Roller Ball, only because that scent is just to die for.

What was your favorite product? Let me know in the comments!

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