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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Nouveau Geek Box - September 2016

Warning, photo-heavy post.

WHEN: The preorder will last from the 15th through the 30th, starting at 12pm EST and ending at 11:59pm EST. Sorry this is so late, I know this pre-order started earlier, I received the information a little late. You still have plenty of time to get it, though!
WHERE: Only at Nouveau Geek!
HOW MUCH: $50 shipped, $60 internationally
WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Five polishes to save the day, along with a cute Batman finger puppet and some sweet temporary tattoos! Try cutting them up and using them as water decals as well!

I'm trying out a new background, let me know what you think of it. 

First up, a polish and a top coat from Alter Ego.

Vampire Slayer - inspired by the original Buffy's cheerleading uniform, this yellow crelly is filled with purple glitters and slays all day everyday!


The base of this polish is thinner so it will take multiple coats or a base coat to become fully opaque. I would consider this a holographic/glitter jelly rather than a crelly, though, because you can see visible nail line even with three coats. 

I was very confused when I read the description until I read it a few more times, I was missing 'original' Buffy! I watched the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie but not until after I started watching the TV show, so I was thinking of that Buffy's uniform! 

This holographic is strong, it's still shining its shine even with a matte top coat.

This polish did apply easily but did require a top coat to smooth out the bigger purple glitters. I only had to use one coat to get it smoothed out, so it's not an overly textured polish (for those that don't like texture). 

I do like this polish, it's not my style (yellows just don't vibe with me still) but I can definitely appreciate the artistry. I don't consider Buffy (movie or TV) a 'superhero,' though, just because she's just a normal girl that was destined to be a 'Champion' or be the 'Chosen' one. I love any reference to Buffy, though, because that was my childhood.

Next, two polishes from Bohemian Polish.

True Blue - Shield your nails from boredom with Captain America's bright blue holo! Wearing this color you can definitely kick some Hydra butt!

Macro (doesn't a holographic always look so good under a macro lens?)

This is an extremely pigmented base, so it could be opaque with one coat if you wanted. I used two and it all just popped! 

For a Captain America inspired polish, I would have really liked to see some red and white incorporated as well as the blue or maybe something metallic for his shield. I love a blue holographic, I just would have liked to see a bit more.

As with most holographics matted, the holographic becomes a silver. I definitely like that!!

With all of the holographic in this polish, I really expected this to be a textured polish. That definitely wasn't the case and I wouldn't have needed a top coat if it weren't for wanting more shine/matte. It applied very well and would have been an excellent polish to do a pourn video with.

Regardless of my feelings of the inspiration, I really love this polish. This is definitely a true blue and I love how deep the blue is.

Man of Steel - It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's Superman's super stunning polish! This superhero superholo is jam-packed with red and blue glitters and some gold shimmer! 


This is another polish that's easily opaque. I used two coats but this could also be opaque in one coat with a heavier hand.

I am guessing that the name is inspiring the polish more than the actual character, but I would have appreciated a bit more gold/yellow to go with his costume. I think a good microglitter with red, blue, and gold would have been perfect.

Matte macro! This polish is smoothed out but you can see where all of the glitters are showing their texture.

This is a very textured polish, so be prepared to use your preferred top coat to smooth it out. It's not quite the crazy texture of Julep's Stardust polishes, but it's more textured than most polishes. 

I like this polish, I think it's unique and has a lot of pieces to it that I wouldn't have thought I'd like. It would be an awesome accent nail to match pair with True Blue!

Another polish from Firecracker Lacquer for the second box of September!

My Utility Belt is Holo - "Because the greatest superhero comes with the most fabulous accessories. I think we should all have utility belts. If I had a utility belt, it'd for sure be holo. (My FitBit sure is.)" This black jelly with holo accents will have you talking like Robin when your nails light up - HOLY HOLO, BATMAN!


This is a very thin based polish, so the glitters will show through in the layers and can darken the glitters up a little. I used three coats to become opaque, but a black undie would fix the darkness.

I love The Dark Knight (I don't usually watch DC movies but I do like that one) and I love that we have a Batman themed polish!


This did apply very easily but does need a top coat to smooth it out. If I had used less layers, less of a top coat would have worked. I love it matte, though, just because of the bigger glitters!

Yes, white/grey and gold glitters popping like nothing else! It looks just like a utility belt that has different pieces reflecting in the light.

Finally, a polish from Daily Hues Nail Lacquer.

Get Me A Scotch, I'm Starving - Tony Stark's represented very well with this glittery red linear holo with accents of gold! This polish will wear like iron, man!


This is a super easy to become opaque polish. I used two coats and there isn't any visible nail line! It reminds me of a jelly but with a thicker base color.

The description says a red linear holo with gold accents, but I see almost no holographic and a ton of gold. I don't dislike that, I just wish I could see more holographic.

Matte, my favorite.

This polish applied so easily. This was my first experience with Daily Hues, so it was a great way to start with a brand. The formula was super nice and smooth and caused me literal zero problems.

I think that the matte makes the polish look much more deep and shows just how many gold glitter accents there are in this polish. I might be biased because of my Iron Man love, but this is my favorite polish from the box! 

Extras. The temporary tattoos can also be used as water decals, but I think I'm going to pass them to a friend's kid so he can rock them out!

And because how can you say no to using the Batman finger puppet with the Batman polish? I don't know how often I'll use this little guy as a finger puppet, but he's so cute on my desk!

This box is a very cute with polishes for everyone's preferences, and it's definitely got a great compilation of heroes.

As always, let me know what you think of this box and let me know what you favorite polish is!

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