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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Polish Review - le Polish Ex-Women Collection

Today, I have Ex-Women Collection by le Polish for you guys! This collection is inspired by the women of Xmen, and will alleviate any curiosity about what it would be like to date these women! Although gorgeous, the only place you will want these crazy exes is on your nails! I'm a fan of all things Marvel, so this was going to be a huge hit for me immediately.

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Important info: This is a five-polish collection that releases on June 24th at noon EST! It will only be available on le Polish. Single polishes are $10 for full size/$6 for minis. You can also buy the entire set discounted at $47.50 for full size/$28.75 for minis. This does not include shipping.

My review is with the mini bottles that le Polish offers. I know that sometimes there can be differences between minis and full-sizes, but I have not yet to have a problem using her mini bottles. They are just shorter versions of her full-size bottles with the same brush as well!

On to the polishes, and be forewarned that there are a lot of pictures!

Deceitful Beauty - (Mystique) A dark blue full of black and blue shimmer. She'll be nice to your face and stab you in the back.  You never know who she's going to be from day to day. 

I love blue polishes, if I haven't mentioned that in the past week, so this was a massive love for me. The fact that it also is based around my favorite X-Men (X-woman?) character is just a bonus for me!

Here you can see Deceitful Beauty with a glossy top coat. This was only added for shine because this polish dries to a completely smooth finish! A glossy top coat does add to the sparkle of the shimmers on the base, so keep that in mind for when you buy and wear this!

Deceitful Beauty applies so smoothly. The dark blue base is absolutely gorgeous and I love all of the shimmer that lets light bounce between the darkness of black and the light of blue! 

Honestly, Deceitful Beauty matte is my favorite way to wear it. I just love how unique this nail polish becomes. I used two coats of Deceitful Beauty for it to be fully opaque.

Emotional User - (Rogue) An olive green full of shimmer and flakies so dazzling she'll drain you physically and emotionally. She'll leave you with nothing left to give. 

I admit, green polishes scare me. I am always afraid to buy them because I just instantly believe they will look awful on me. Because of polishes like this one, I'm slowly getting away from that fear.

There aren't as many flakes in my manicure, but you can definitely still see a few along with all of the shimmer! It is slightly darker than true olive green, but I love it regardless!

The almost blue shimmer plays so well with either top coat, so it will work glossy or matte (or do a mix of both)! This is another polish that dries so smoothly, a top coat wouldn't actually be necessary. 

A wild flakie decided to show her gorgeous face in this shot! There are a few in this polish, so play with it to get the amount you want! This is another two coat polish and it becomes perfectly opaque!

Fiery Hot-headed - (Phoenix) A dark red crelly, full of orange, red, and gold glitters. Be careful, she'll burn you. 

In the bottle, I was convinced that this was going to be a brown that I was just going to hate. Thankfully, I was wrong! This dries to a deep red packed full of glitters! 

This is such a powerful, firey polish, but it could also be the perfect nail polish for a fall manicure. The way the glitters reflect off of the base just adds so much to the depth of this polish.

With the matte top coat, Firey Hot-head definitely leans more towards brown than with the glossy. Due to this being a glitter polish, a top coat is required to make it smooth. I only had to use one coat of top coat to smooth it out and add that glassy finish.

This is another polish that only took two coats, which was primarily due to my desire to layer the glitters for a fun, fall-like manicure. I can't decide if I like Firey Hot-head glossy or matte, so you will have to help me decide!

Psychological Manipulator - (Psylocke) A light purple full of red shimmer and flakies. She plays games with your mind and has the unbelievable ability to make you do things you don't want to do. 

Yay, finally a purple polish! I actually did a happy dance when I pulled this out of my package. This is such a gorgeous purple, and the shimmer made it to-die-for!

The red shimmer shows much more with a glossy top coat than with the matte, so take that into consideration when you wear this polish. 

This is another polish that just applied so perfectly. I've decided that the lovely maker has done such a great job perfecting her craft that the formulas are all destined to be great. This one dries smoothly, but the glossy top coat is definitely a great addition to make the shimmer pop.

Again, I used two coats to make Psychological Manipulator to become fully opaque. Up close, you can see how little of the red shimmer you can see when it's matte. It's a gorgeous polish without the red shimmer, but that definitely adds something to it!

Violent Tempest - (Storm) A sparkling white packed with electric blue shimmer. Watch out! She's striking, both in beauty and physically!

Ah, Storm, that lovely and terrifying woman, personified in polish. I am not always the biggest fan of whites, if they lean too yellow they end up being a no-go for me. Luckily a white with blue shimmer leans just the way I need it to! 

This is almost a full-coverage white. I could have used another coat for it to be fully opaque, but I wanted to show just how well this handles under two very thin coats.

I couldn't really get any of the blue shimmer to visibly show in my swatches, it's more of a barely there thing. If I had any complaint about this collection, it's that I want more shimmer (but that's because I always want more shimmer).

I really like that a good white came in this collection, it adds something simple and fun to what could otherwise be a very busy collection! It applies wonderfully and dries to a perfect smooth!

Overall, I really loved this collection! Again, this releases June 24th at noon EST with it being available as singles or the full set.  Singles are $10 for full size/$6 for minis. The entire set is discounted at $47.50 for full size/$28.75 for minis. Prices are before shipping.

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